Your First Day at Rehab

No one ever makes the decision to go to a California addiction treatment facility casually. However when someone does realize it is a necessary next step for them, it’s important to be intentional about preparation for drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment. When someone is going to inpatient rehab for the first time, they may feel some trepidation about the unknown experiences ahead of them. Even the littlest things like what kind of clothes you need to pack all the way to the more significant questions like what kind of activities you’ll be a part of during your therapies can be floating around in the back of someone’s mind. But remember, even when you start to feel nervous about your journey ahead, if you go into the experience prepared and determined the benefits will plentiful.


The only thing that will relieve the stress of the unknown is to do the hard work of preparation. When you take the time to prepare thoughtfully, you’ll relieve stress the stress you have now, while preventing stress while you’re at rehab, and when you come home. Preparing in a physical way, by getting all of your responsibilities covered, your belongings in order, and any other logistics that need attending to, can also be a kind of preparing of the mind too.


What Should You Bring To Rehab in California

The first thing you’ll want to consider when preparing for going to rehab in California is what to bring with you. You’ll want to base these decisions in large part based on the climate and time of year. California is a very different climate than many other states, such as Washington or Alaska, so take into consideration the location of your rehab center and what the weather will be like.

You may also want to consider what sorts of activities your going to be engaged in. Some more holistic care programs offer activities such as yoga, hiking, and other specialized therapies that may require a different kind of clothing. It is advisable to contact your rehab center and ask about what kinds of activities you have available to you, and prepare for anything you’ll be willing to take part in. Make sure you leave yourself open to changing your mind. Maybe today, yoga doesn’t sound like something you’d feel brave enough to try with new people, but by the time  you get there you may wish you’d bought your yoga clothes.

As far as downtime activities go, you’ll want to restrict your belongings to activities like reading a books or doing puzzles, as many rehab facilities do not allow devices that are hooked up to internet access. Another great thing to bring is a pad and paper. Perhaps you enjoy writing fiction, nonfiction, or poetry as a form of therapy or a downtime activity. Maybe you enjoy journaling. But even if you don’t write or journal, a pad and a pen is highly recommended so you can take notes during therapy, write down anything that inspires you or rings true for an easy reminder later on. Additionally, many different kinds of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as some group therapies sometimes require a bit of “homework” or self reflection. This is often easiest to do with a handy pad of paper and pen.

Please be aware that upon intake, every patient will go through the contents of their bag with a staff member present to ensure that no contraband is brought into any of our facilities. That being said, if you are at the point that you’re trying to sneak drugs into a rehab center, you almost certainly are physically and psychologically addicted to that substance. You can argue all you want that you’re not addicted, but take this moment to really think about how it looks for someone to try to sneak drugs into a rehab center.


What Can You Expect Moving Forward

Now that it is clear what a person will need to prepare to put in their luggage, there’s the mental and emotional aspects of preparing for the kind of heavy lifting that drug and alcohol rehab can be. The more you know about the program you are going into the better you can prepare for the emotional journey ahead. Each rehab program is different but all of them should be meeting the majority of standards set up by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. According to their Principles of Effective Treatment, individualized care that caters to the specific needs of each patient is the key to success. This kind of individualized care, combined with behavioral therapy and quality clinical services makes for the ideal drug rehab program.


The California Rehab experience is shaped in large part by the actual type of program the patient enters. Inpatient rehab will include a significant focus on group therapy, and access to self-help groups. Staff will be there to supervise and ensure a comfortable and drug-free facility, allowing patients to recover in safety and peace. Therapies available at rehab will include therapists who will work with each patient to uproot the underlying cause of your addiction and help them come to the surface so you can develop new and functional ways to cope with the stress and anxiety of life.


It is important to remember that no matter how much you prepare for rehab, there will always be something you weren’t expecting. So one of the ways you can prepare yourself is to make a plan for how you will stay calm and grounded if you feel surprised during your recovery. Maybe you’ll be caught off guard by something a therapist or fellow patient says or asks. Maybe you’ll be able to face a fear you didn’t even know you had. Be open to what may shape your experience and healing.


There’s also always the opportunity for sober living outpatient services to follow up your inpatient rehab. What matters is that your medical and emotional needs are being met in the way that works best for you.


Preparing for California Rehab

Maybe to you it seems straightforward to pick a California rehab treatment program, but it can be more complicated than at first glance. Going to rehab is a weighty decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Perhaps as you are going through the steps to prepare for your life for rehab, you realize that staying close to home is going to make it difficult to focus on recovery, you may want to take your rehab out of state. An excellent alternative may be Oregon or Washington rehab centers.


Aspire Health Network has several rehab facilities for those seeking treatment for addiction in California. One of the best treatment centers available is Oceanview Treatment Center. It’s luxurious atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings make drug and alcohol addiction recovery, a little more comfortable and provide much needed peace in a difficult time. The rehabilitation center offers highest quality amenities while offering a full continuum care, from clinical to therapeutic.


You’re not completely prepared for your California addiction treatment until you have fully settled on a program and facility that are right for you. Contact us with any questions and to determine if we’re the right California rehab center for you. We can help you navigate this difficult decision and help you make sure that you have everything you need through Aspire Health Network.