positive self-talk helps with Xanax addiction Alaska

Learning Positive Self-Talk in Treatment

The epidemic of Xanax addiction in Alaska is a high priority for professionals in the treatment industry today. One way therapists and certified counselors advice those addicted to Xanax is through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches addicts and alcoholics how to retrain their brain to change their negative thoughts through positive actions. The main benefit of CBT is that it is easy to adapt to in treatment and requires no medication.

Positive self-talk is described as the thought patterns and internal conversations each of us has with ourselves in order to process and understand ourselves and the world around us. Oftentimes, those struggling with anxiety have created habits of negative internal self-talk. Focusing on positive self-talk is one of the ways in which CBT capitalizes on shaping positive and encouraging thoughts. With anxiety being the number one reason why people are prescribed Xanax, learning coping strategies and implementing natural remedies for stress have helped countless Xanax addiction Alaska sufferers to develop positive behavioral patterns.

Detox Is a Crucial First Step

The detoxification process from xanax can be quite uncomfortable. If not monitored by a medical professional and weaned down off of benzodiazepines such as Xanax, convulsions and seizures are possible. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to detox in a place that is licensed and professional where you feel completely safe.

After detox, many treatment centers will place you with a counselor or therapist. When the brain starts producing neurotransmitters at a healthy rate again, therapy is much more effective. Retraining the brain to react differently to stressful situations is much more effective when all traces of benzodiazepines are absent from the body.

What to Expect In Therapy

The first thing your therapist will do is try and figure out where the fear and anxiety is coming from. There is usually a root trigger or situation that sets off an abnormal reaction to stress in the brain. When fear is properly identified, using positive self-talk is a great tool to use. Changing statements like, “I can’t stay sober no matter how hard I try,” to “This time is different. I am staying sober one day at a time,” changes brain activity dramatically.

Meditation and breathing exercises also help to slow down impulses in the brain. “Act yourself into better thinking” is a common saying in treatment, and it certainly goes a long way. By doing better things for yourself, and learning how to handle negative, obsessive thoughts without Xanax, you’ll get more practice with it and it will become easier.

Treatment For Xanax Addiction Alaska

Weaning off of Xanax is an incredibly hard feat. The brain becomes physically dependent on it, as well as psychologically used to it. Learning how to deal with negative thoughts and overcoming compulsions to act out on them is a learned practice that takes time. In a licensed treatment center, positive self-talk and CBT will give you the beginnings of that practice.

But it’s up to you to commit to your recovery. Since every action is preceded with a thought, CBT teaches how to control your thoughts and produce positive images in the brain. This is one tool taught in excellent treatment centers in Alaska, and if practiced on a daily basis, produces outstanding results.

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