Treatment in Comfort at World-Class Facilities

When addicts and alcoholics first enter treatment, many feel as if they’ve hit an absolute low point. While many do enter treatment for self-motivated reasons, many more enter due to consequences of their addiction. These might include legal issues, family ultimatums, or potential job loss. That’s why it helps to enter treatment where they can benefit from the luxury of world-class facilities that offer not only top-notch care, but also a high level of comfort. As they adapt to their new surroundings without needing to use drugs and alcohol, clients will reclaim their ability to appreciate the simpler joys in life. Because sometimes it’s the smallest comforts that can bring us the greatest relief.

Standard Treatment Amenities

Our world-class facilities offer more than comfort—they also offer safety. Any facility that truly appreciates the needs of its clients should offer round-the-clock care, with easy access to medical treatment if needed. Treatment also includes regular drug screens, ensuring that no contraband has made its way onto the premises. Other standard treatment amenities include outdoor areas for allotted periods of recreation, time to exercise, the ability to attend support meetings and the means to contact family members back home so that they can keep their loved ones updated on their progress.

Providing Daily Necessities

The promises of comfort and safety come together in the fulfillment of daily needs. Clients at our world-class facilities receive access to quality food, taking into account that some patients must adhere to strict dietary restrictions. They also receive comfortable beds to sleep in, with a schedule that allows them to get a full night’s sleep without having to rush in the morning. Those who must take daily medications will find that world-class facilities adhere to strict medication reconciliation protocols, monitoring dosage and taking notes in case the medical staff determines that adjustments are needed. This is not just a requirement of accreditation—it’s a sign that you’re in truly good hands.

Case Management Services

While in treatment at a facility such as Oceanview Treatment Center, some clients feel a degree of helplessness, all too aware that the outside world is still in motion. Case management offers many services, from court liaison services to help locating a sober living home so that you can continue your recovery after treatment. In the end, however, case management essentially acts as a buffer between the addict and the outside world. This allows clients to feel a bit more at ease, knowing that they are able to take care of legal issues and other outside problems from the safety of treatment. Whether utilizing one case manager or an entire team of staff members with highly specific fields of expertise, case management truly serves as a distinctive component of all world-class facilities.