Withdrawal Symptoms in Detox

Many people don’t realize that there are several stages to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Long-term treatment for any kind of substance with dangerous withdrawal symptoms always starts with medically supervised detox.


California detox and withdrawal treatment can be of service to patients with any kind of addiction withdrawal. While it is possible that you don’t need to go through detox, it can be a lifesaving measure and is best done in the presence of a qualified medical staff. Detoxing at home is not only risky, but can lead to risky medical situations that could be life threatening.


California Withdrawal Dangers

Not everyone who goes to rehab chooses to go through withdrawal treatment. It is not a required step to go through detox, however a patient’s body will detox on its own even if they choose to forgo detox treatment. Overtime their system will rid itself from the addictive substance, inevitably all the while, leaving the user in some kind of discomfort due to the withdrawal symptoms that come along with that detoxification. Withdrawal symptoms vary by drug, how much a person took, the health and general wellbeing of the addict.


Different substances cause people to withdrawal in different ways. Studies show that alcohol  withdrawal in California may lead to symptoms like nausea, vomiting, agitation and nervousness, tremors, disorientation, and even seizures. Delirium tremens is a condition brought on by alcohol withdrawal. The condition results in a sudden onset of confusion and it can effect your mental state as well as your nervous system. It is vital that this condition be monitored by healthcare professionals.


Other drugs, like cocaine may cause different kinds of withdrawal symptoms. A patient may find themselves experiencing exhaustion, restlessness, and in more severe cases suicidal ideation, again this is a serious side effect and one to not take lightly. Medical professionals must be standing by to assure that the user is able to stay safe from self harm and harm from other symptoms.


Some of the scarier drugs to withdrawal from are opiates. California’s drug intake is in no small part due to prescription opiate misuse. Opioid withdrawal symptoms can include muscle aches, vomiting, profuse sweating, circulatory and respiratory complications, and more. These can be quite dangerous, but if you have access to quality medical care detox can be quite safe, though uncomfortable.


No matter the drug you are detoxing from it is possible that there will be lingering withdrawal symptoms. Everybody is different and every drug detoxes differently. It is important to seek out a California detox center that offers multiple levels of care. When someone detoxes outside of a facility it is often easy to give in to the withdrawal symptoms and fall back into using the drug. Within a detox program you will have the full support of the staff and can rest assured you are receiving the safest experience. They will be able to keep you as comfortable as possible as you go through these symptoms.


Drug Detox in California Addiction Treatment

Last year 21,787,042 opioid prescriptions were made. Many of those prescriptions will in turn become addictions which will eventually lead to overdose, if not treated. According to California’s Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard, almost 2000 people a year die due to an opioid overdose every year in California. Prescription opioids account for much of the drug use in California, and though opioid addicts and alcoholics alike should consider medical detoxification and rehabilitation treatment, medical supervised addiction treatment for those with an opioid prescription addiction is vital.


Detox isn’t an end point in treatment, however. California treatment programs go further than a general hospital would and lead a patient through different levels of therapeutic treatment and post rehabilitation aftercare helping to assure a patient’s confidence as they engage in sober living. Patients who settle for only seeking out detoxification will often find themself relapsing after they leave their detox treatment. However, California treatment facilities, with relapse prevention therapy, and other concurrent and subsequent treatments can offer a patient a fuller understanding of their addiction and reasons they developed the addiction to begin with. Understanding your addiction is the only way to recover.


California treatment centers can also attend to patients dual-diagnosis mental health disorders as well as any chronic pain which may trouble the patient and could be very much at the heart of their addiction. These complications, dual diagnosis, chronic pain, plus withdrawal symptoms are just a few of the reasons that detoxing at home is playing with fire.


Aspire’s Detox for Drug Addiction

Sometimes it can be hard to find a spot in the busy treatment centers offered in California. As the drug epidemic in this nation comes into the spotlight more and more people are seeking out treatment for their addiction. While this is fantastic news, don’t let yourself get discouraged if you at first don’t find the right spot in the right program for you. Aspire Health Network offers a higher chance that you will be able to find the right program for you when you need it. Seeking out-of-state-care in locations such as Washington, Oregon, even Alaska, can open up the possibilities, and even give you some much needed distance while you go through some of the most challenging treatment of your life.


Drug and alcohol detox is only the first step in a longer process of recovery. It opens the door for a brighter, sober future, but in order to really max out the potential opened up by getting clean from substance addiction, you need to explore a long-term recovery plan that includes neurological and behavioral treatments. Aspire Health Network offers you this plus a sense of community, which provides you with a much needed support network as you face moving forward in sobriety.


If you are struggling with addiction and are seeking a safe and comfortable place to detox, and then want to move further into a treatment that can help you reach sustained sobriety then contact us for more information about our programs and facilities.