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What is Outpatient Treatment?

Addiction treatment centers often provide a few stages of care, ranging from medical detox and residential treatment to outpatient services. Generally speaking, the level of care a patient chooses should reflect the severity of their struggles with alcoholism and addiction; however, some may choose their level of care based on other criteria. Those who have already undergone inpatient treatment or who lack the money to do so will usually choose outpatient treatment for their care.

Overview of Outpatient Treatment

While less intensive than inpatient services, outpatient treatment still provides necessary support to those who need it. Clients may live at home or in a sober living facility, attending weekly groups at their treatment center for addiction education or group therapy. Most outpatient treatment providers will also require them to meet with an assigned cognitive therapist at least once per week. Other services vary from one treatment center to another, but may include group outings, biofeedback, massage therapy and more. Those with legal or work-related issues may also receive ongoing help from case management services.

Outpatient treatment is typically offered on two levels—intensive and non-intensive. The differences between the two may vary between treatment centers, but most intensive outpatient programs simply require more group sessions per week. Intensive outpatient clients are also more likely to reside in a sober living home at the time of their treatment. Some programs also offer intensive day treatment, which offers many of the same services as inpatient treatment. Due to the wide array of variations in intensity, it is usually best to ask your treatment center for further details before entering outpatient treatment.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, successful treatment for drug and alcohol addiction should include long-term follow-up. This helps to prevent relapse and ensure a more successful recovery. For clients who enter outpatient treatment at the end of a longer continuum of care, this is precisely what outpatient services will provide. Addicts and alcoholics who enter outpatient treatment may have to work slightly harder to maintain their recovery when tempted, as they will not receive the continuous supervision of treatment staff. When confronted with these temptations, however, they will find that the same level of social support provided by inpatient treatment is still readily available to them.

Due to the inherent freedom provided by outpatient treatment, those who begin their addiction treatment at the outpatient stage may wish to receive services for a longer period of time than those who begin their care at the inpatient level. Nonetheless, the autonomy provided by living outside of the treatment center may still be seen as a primary benefit of outpatient services. Outpatient treatment enables patients to continue working, living with their loved ones, and meeting any other obligations that they cannot afford to put on hold for several weeks while receiving inpatient treatment. As clients learn how to put their lives back together, they can immediately begin putting those lessons into action.

Outpatient Treatment at Aspire

If you are seeking outpatient treatment for yourself or for someone you love, Aspire Treatment Center may be the best choice for you. We offer a full continuum of care, and many of our outpatient clients went through previous stages of treatment before graduating to the outpatient stage. This means that newcomers to outpatient treatment can benefit from the kindness of a strong, like-minded community that already has some recovery time under their belts. With a vast array of therapeutic services to offer, we provide only the best quality of care.

Aspire Health Network runs other facilities as well, each with a strong focus on increasing each client’s potential for achieving lifelong sobriety. To seek more information or to begin the admissions process, call us today without delay. Our outpatient services can provide the long-term help you need to build your resolve and overcome your addictions.