man helping a friend to prevent Washington relapse

How to Prevent Relapse in Washington

Washington addiction treatment often comprises multiple levels of care, each one geared toward long-term recovery. During the most intensive phases of treatment, patients will participate in various therapeutic exercises. One of the most important is relapse prevention therapy. Washington relapse prevention consists of several various components, not the least of which is outpatient treatment and aftercare. Even those with utmost confidence in their ability to stay sober should strongly consider an addiction treatment program that includes these services, as failure to pursue a relapse prevention plan could have dire consequences.

Dangers of Washington Relapse

After a long enough period of abstinence at a Washington addiction treatment facility, those who relapse find themselves at increased risk of overdose. With less physical tolerance to their drug of choice, those who relapse are far more vulnerable than they were when they first entered treatment. Unfortunately, this does not stop many people who relapse from attempting to use the same amounts as they would have used during active addiction.

The dangers increase further when considering the primary substances used by those who enter Washington addiction treatment. According to national drug use statistics, Washington addicts tend to focus their use primarily on alcohol, cocaine, and prescription opioids. Two of these—alcohol and prescription drugs—are generally easy to acquire without any connections. Anyone who wishes to relapse without their support network knowing can simply run to the liquor store or find a doctor with questionable ethics. If they use too much and put themselves at risk of drug overdose or alcohol poisoning, they may very well have no one around to contact emergency services.

Relapse prevention programs must account for less commonly used substances as well. Taking all substances into account, CDC data indicates highly problematic Washington overdose rates. Despite an apparent 1.4% reduction in overdose deaths between 2015 and 2016, this reduction pales in comparison to the 10.5% increase during the years prior. Furthermore, the statistical reduction only occurred due to a population increase. The total number of Washington overdose deaths has actually risen each year since 2014. Washington relapse prevention treatment must become a priority if these numbers are to be reduced.

Preventing Relapse in Washington

One of the primary features of relapse prevention is the encouragement of trust in others. To achieve long-term sobriety, addicts and alcoholics must rely on a solid support network. They find this in Washington addiction treatment, where they will attend groups with like-minded individuals to learn more about addiction, recovery, and general life skills. When they leave treatment, those who choose the right Washington drug rehab will still receive ongoing support so that they do not lose touch with the people who helped them get sober.

Despite access to a strong support network, Washington addiction treatment sometimes falls short in one particular area—location. Preventing relapse in Washington is not impossible, but it is much harder for people who have lived there in active addiction for some time. They will still have access to the same dealers, same bars, and other connections to their former lifestyle. The sheer ability to go back to their old life will act as a trigger, tempting them to give up the new life they developed in treatment. Washington relapse prevention therefore works much better for out-of-state patients. By contrast, Washington addicts may find that the best relapse prevention plan for them is one sought at an out-of-state facility.

Regardless of whether you seek treatment at a Washington drug rehab or out-of-state addiction treatment center, you will want one with a comprehensive program. Such a program will include traditional forms of therapy alongside multiple forms of holistic care. Most importantly, it will focus on long-term sobriety, teaching you how to overcome triggers when they arise.

Relapse Help for Washington Addicts

Addicts and alcoholics looking for a strong relapse prevention program can find what they need with the help of Aspire Health Network. If preventing relapse in Washington seems too difficult in light of connections to your old lifestyle, we operate numerous California addiction treatment facilities that can provide distance from your old life while teaching you the tools to develop a new one.

For a program geared toward long-term sobriety, you might look no further than Aspire Treatment Center. Not only will you build up the same tools as the best relapse prevention programs around, but we provide family-centered care that will help you bolster your support network both inside and outside of treatment. Located by the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach, our primary California facility provides relapse help for Washington addicts that will not only teach you long-term sobriety, but will provide a sense of luxury and comfort in the process.

If you or a loved one suffers from addiction and would like to learn more about Washington relapse prevention and how Aspire can help you achieve long-term sobriety, contact us today at 844-278-2919 for more information.