man looking sad going through Washington addiction treatment

Detox and Withdrawal in Treatment

Those who seek long-term treatment at a Washington addiction treatment facility will generally progress through multiple stages of care. For those addicted to substances with potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms, the first treatment stage consists of medical detox.

Washington detox and withdrawal treatment can serve addicts suffering withdrawal from any substance. Not everyone will need it, but it can be life-saving for those that do. Trying to detox at home, regardless of whether you choose to enter a Washington drug rehab afterward, is far too dangerous to risk.

Washington Withdrawal Dangers

Not all users choose to enter drug or alcohol detox, nor are they required to receive withdrawal treatment if they do not want it. However, drug detox is a natural process. Your body will detox drugs out of your system over time no matter what, and undergoing this process of drug detox at home can prove dangerous if you suffer major withdrawal symptoms. Drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal symptoms that can become life-threatening may include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Respiratory issues
  • Cardiovascular difficulties
  • Suicidal ideation

Different substances result in different withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal in Washington may lead to delirium tremens, a condition that causes seizures and requires medical supervision in order to treat properly. Cocaine withdrawal, on the other hand, may lead to suicidal ideation in many of the most severe cases. Again, patient supervision is required to ensure that the individual receiving treatment does not suffer physical harm, whether self-inflicted or resulting from drug withdrawal.

Opioids present an even larger issue, as they are among the most common substances treated at Washington addiction treatment centers (particularly in Seattle). Heroin withdrawal and opioid withdrawal share many symptoms, such as abdominal cramps, muscle aches, nausea and anxiety.

The most troubling aspect of withdrawal in this case is the potential onset of post-acute withdrawal symptoms. Addicts may suffer certain withdrawal symptoms that last longer than the average drug detox. As a result, it is recommended that Washington opioid users seek opioid detox treatment at a Washington treatment facility that provides multiple levels of care. Otherwise, temptation to alleviate withdrawal symptoms by continuing to use opioids will be high.

Drug Detox in Washington Addiction Treatment

Each year, approximately 600 people die from heroin and opioid addiction in Washington. Prescription opioids account for fewer of these deaths than in previous years, but heroin overdose deaths are on the rise. All addicts and alcoholics would benefit from Washington drug detox and addiction treatment, but those who use opioids may require detox and withdrawal treatment more than anybody. Since the rising heroin rates appear in conjunction with prescribing guidelines that make opioid painkillers harder to maintain, it becomes clear that many Washington opioid addicts would rather switch to a more dangerous substance than suffer from the pain of withdrawal symptoms.

One benefit of entering Washington drug detox is that it leads into further levels of rehabilitative care. Those who merely seek to overcome withdrawal symptoms, whether resulting from opioid addiction or other substance use disorders, can easily seek treatment at a general hospital. Unfortunately, many will continue using their substance of choice as soon as they exit the facility. Washington addiction treatment that includes multiple stages of care will help them cope without their substance for weeks or even months after they move past the initial stages of withdrawal. They can seek post-acute withdrawal treatment and learn to embrace sobriety through relapse prevention therapy provided by their treatment center.

Drug detox in Washington also helps those who suffer from chronic pain or co-occurring mental disorders. Washington addicts and alcoholics often use to cover up symptoms of a greater problem. In addition to withdrawal symptoms, they will suffer symptoms related to the underlying causes of their addiction. This combination proves too overwhelming for some to manage when attempting drug detox at home. Forgoing general hospitals in favor of facilities that specialize in detox for drug addiction will ensure a greater, more focused level of care.

Aspire’s Detox for Drug Addiction

Since many Washington addiction treatment facilities struggle with high intake rates, many patients seek out-of-state care in locations such as California. Those who turn to Aspire Health Network raise their chances of success by receiving the best possible medical care at a drug detox facility that offers further levels of treatment.

For instance, one of Aspire Health Network’s top facilities is First Choice Detox. The staff at First Choice sees drug and alcohol detox as only one step in a much larger process. Rather than merely treating the symptoms of drug withdrawal, we lay the foundation for long-term recovery by providing neurological and behavioral treatment in addition to treatment for physiological symptoms. We also create a sense of community among our clientele, providing a support network that can be utilized long after treatment. Combining these principles of effective addiction treatment, our program is able to rival that of even the best Washington addiction treatment centers.

If you would like to end your struggles with addiction and need to find a safe, comfortable drug detox to begin your treatment, contact us for more information on our facilities.