Every Client is Uniquely Different

Addiction is a very personal disease. People become addicts for different reasons, latch onto various drugs of choice and suffer any number of consequences as a result. Even when two addicts share numerous similarities, neither of them experienced their addiction in precisely the same way. Likewise, recovery works by a very similar principle. The tools that work for one person might not work for another. As such, all of our facilities offer clients a unique approach that has been specifically tailored to suit their particular needs.

Unique Approach to Teamwork

For individualized treatment to work, it must be a vision shared by every member of the treatment team. The client’s therapist must know about any co-occurring conditions that have been diagnosed, as well as any medications that have been prescribed for them. Likewise, the medical staff must know that the client has actually been taking their medications as prescribed. Therapists must also work with case management to ensure that any outside issues, such as legal troubles, are being handled properly. If a client has been disrespectful to the behavioral techs or disruptive during educational groups, then the client’s treatment team must know that they are experiencing disciplinary troubles.

In short, the treatment team must work together every step of the way to ensure that clients are receiving the treatment they need. They must then stay in communication should it be determined that a client’s treatment plan needs to change. The moment communication breaks down between the treatment team, the client’s treatment plan falls apart. This is why we make our values clear to the staff at all of our facilities. Keeping our staff dedicated to the mission of individualized care is the only way to ensure that every link in the chain remains strong.

Long-Lasting Recovery Skills

Since our facilities focus on the goal of promoting lifelong recovery, our unique approach to treatment must apply to relapse prevention as well. It is not enough to ensure that the client receives personalized care while they are in our hands. They must also be able to learn how they can continue practicing a program that works for them once they graduate treatment. Members of the treatment team may help by suggesting suitable support groups, recommending outlets for therapy or sober living for when they leave, or even just helping them to brainstorm a list of personalized methods of overcoming cravings.

Whatever the treatment team decides the client will need to achieve long-term sobriety, that is precisely the advice they will receive. We want every client who enters one of our facilities such as Muse House to leave with the feeling that their time was worth something. Providing them with a personalized program of ongoing recovery is one way of achieving that.