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First Choice Detox is managed by our board and our licensed team of specialists whose backgrounds include Neurological, Physiological, Mental, and Behavioral medical treatment.


“When I arrived at First Choice, I was a little nervous about what to expect. The staff was very friendly and the facility was beautiful, which made my withdrawal process a lot easier than I imagined. I would recommend this place to anyone who is struggling with quitting alcohol or drugs.”

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(855) 687-6555
(855) 687-6555

First Choice Detox is managed by our board and our licensed team of specialists whose backgrounds include Neurological, Physiological, Mental, and Behavioral medical treatment.

Our team has a heavy focus on the Detoxification process as it is the foundation for a successful long term recovery. Our individual staff members have 20+ years of experience in the medical and addiction treatment fields. We pride ourselves on our strong medical supervision to ensure safety and success for you or your loved one.

Our top of the line facilities provide the most comfortable and safe experience possible. We understand that addiction affects all members of the family and we make sure to create a community environment that brings support transparency to everyone.

We provide all levels of care and have seen great success in treating the disease of addiction. Feel free to call about any questions or concerns.


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Luxury Facilities

Drug and alcohol addiction create more than enough pain on their own, and those who wish to overcome their addictions should be able to seek comfort while doing so. Aspire Health Network provides luxury facilities and amenities that make life easier so our patients can focus on their recovery without being distracted by minor displeasures. Some of our patients have not slept comfortably, and will immediately associate their deluxe surroundings with the quality of life they can achieve in sobriety. Those suffering from post-acute withdrawal symptoms will also find our facilities ease their discomfort, making the entire treatment process easier as a result.

Nature Walks

Aspire Health Network’s facilities are located within close proximity to some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the country. Patients will have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and commune with nature as they learn to appreciate the natural joys in life without the need for mind-altering substances. These therapeutic nature walks not only provide insight into the serenity of a simple life without drugs and alcohol, but also bring peace to a mind often unsettled by chaos. When clients need a soothing break from facing the inner torment caused by their addictions, nature can provide the perfect remedy.

Yoga and Meditation

Practices such as yoga and meditation help countless people to achieve peace by creating a state of mindfulness that soothes both mind and body. As a holistic component of Aspire Health Network’s addiction treatment, bringing together the physical and mental aspects of a patient’s being can prove beneficial on a number of levels. Not only do these practices offer health benefits and stress relief that can counteract the side effects of addiction, but they can also be used to overcome racing thoughts and emotional disturbance. Patients can greatly supplement their ongoing relapse prevention efforts by incorporating these practices into their daily routine.


As drugs and alcohol leave the user’s body, the resultant withdrawal symptoms can be harsh and unforgiving. Aspire Health Network provides medical detoxification and withdrawal treatment to help substance users overcome these symptoms while remaining safe and of sound mind. This allows patients to begin their addiction treatment on the right footing, whereas those who undergo detoxification outside of treatment often relapse in an attempt to relieve their symptoms. Detoxification is not a mandatory part of the treatment process, but is highly recommended for those who have been using drugs and alcohol frequently for a long period of time.

Inpatient Treatment

The most intensive part of the recovery process is inpatient treatment. Patients who undergo treatment at an Aspire Health Network facility will receive daily access to cognitive therapy, holistic treatment, and other evidence-based forms of care. Under continuous supervision to ensure patient safety, our clients can participate in support group meetings while thriving in a community of like-minded people in recovery. More importantly, they will learn the skills they need to stay sober after leaving treatment, ensuring they do not need to repeat this stage of the process as long as they continue to practice what they have learned.

Outpatient Treatment

Patients who wish to achieve the best possible success rates should strongly consider extending their services through outpatient treatment. Aspire Health Network’s outpatient treatment programs allow patients to maintain their autonomy while still tapping into a system of ongoing community support. Outpatient services also benefit those who cannot afford to set aside career or family obligations to enter inpatient treatment, yet still wish to receive quality therapy and addiction education. For those entering treatment from out-of-state, outpatient services are an important part of maintaining your recovery while adjusting to your new surroundings.

Alcohol Dependence and Addiction

While many people associate treatment primarily with drug addiction, alcohol dependence and addiction pose a real threat on those who suffer. Families lose loved ones to alcohol every day, and our personalized approach to alcohol addiction treatment can help. We focus on long-term relapse prevention, teaching our patients to develop healthy skills that will help them fight off the temptation to use a substance that is far too easily obtainable in everyday life. Through a mix of traditional and holistic treatment, Aspire Health Network’s facilities can help you to overcome alcohol dependence and addiction for good.

Drug Abuse and Addiction

Just as every drug has its own unique side effects and symptoms, every individual who struggles with drug abuse and addiction requires a different treatment plan. Aspire Health Network will help you fight drug addiction by setting you up with a highly individualized regimen of care to treat the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your addiction. Our accomplished clinicians have experience treating those who suffer from addiction to a wide array of substances such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana and more. Whatever substance has disrupted your life, we can help you find long-lasting relief.

Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

The current drug crisis in America largely stems from prescription drug abuse. Whether addicted to opioid painkillers or benzodiazepines, those who battle prescription drug addiction must focus on the underlying causes if they wish to fully recover. Through cognitive behavioral therapy and other methods, Aspire Health Network’s dual diagnosis rehabs can help you determine the true source of your pain so that you can find a healthier way to overcome it. Meanwhile, our continuous supervision and medication reconciliation protocols will ensure that you receive your treatment in a safe, drug-free facility so that you can focus on your health without becoming distracted by temptation.