Facility Highlights

Making all of our clients as comfortable as possible during their stay is what Coastline View Treatment Center is all about. Located only a mile from Dana Point Harbor and Doheny State Beach, our newly renovated and warmly furnished home offers both indoor and outdoor space to relax, read, watch large screen television, and get needed sleep. A fully-equipped kitchen with a great chef make meals an event, and with only six beds, the residence remains quiet with great personal attention from staff 24/7.

Recovering at Coastline

Before having a conversation with a person suffering from addiction, you need to nurture him or her first. Prior to starting the process of recovery with any addict, we need to establish a baseline of sobriety. We detoxify the body and clear the mind enough to begin the conversation that will eventually lead to a spiritual awakening and a new outlook on life. The detox process is not a one size fits all. It ranges in severity and duration depending on the individual’s age, length of substance abuse, the types of substances abused, overall health, and other factors.

Coastline View Rehab Accreditations

  • State Licensure for Alcohol and Drug Detox and Rehabilitation
  • State Certification for Day Treatment and Outpatient Treatment
  • Approved by Orange County Probation Board
  • American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)
  • Joint Commission Accredited Healthcare Organization

Clinical Approach

First, we establish a stable baseline from which to work by providing a safe and medically directed detox and by clinically identifying and treating any co-occurring conditions with the direction of affiliated psychiatrists and other medical personnel. Our licensed therapists work to uncover past trauma and emotional disorders that along with dual diagnosis disorders often lead to substance abuse and process addictions such as eating disorders, gambling, over work, sex addiction, etc.

Spiritual Approach to Addiction

Secondly, we begin the process of establishing the basics of recovery: drug education, relapse prevention, 12-Step work—all focused toward action in community, building new structures in daily life that take each client on a journey of self-discovery.


“Everyone here treats you with love, respect, and understanding. The tools that they give you, if you apply yourself, it’s the most amazing program. Just grab the hope, because it’s always there.”
-Robin C

Our Addiction Treatment Philosophy

Immersion in a new way of life, watching a model sober community laughing and loving life, imitating and participating in that life, finding ways to bring authentic spirituality and real awareness and presence into each moment creates a growing sense of identity, meaning, and purpose. None of us can live life as a negative—simply taking out the things we don’t want. That only creates a vacuum that pulls in the next compulsion. Living life as a positive process of filling ourselves with relationship and connection naturally displaces the need for such compulsions. Call it spiritual awakening or following our bliss, it’s the only way to human fulfillment.

Call today to have any questions answered by our compassionate, experienced staff. If you are a loved one is in need of help, take the first step and reach out for more information.