Facility Highlights

Canyon View Treatment Centers residential drug treatment program offers a customized level of care complete with attentive, one-on-one interaction and an atmosphere of respect, comfort, and medical support.


“Canyon View was the best decision I have ever made. With 18 failed attempts at different treatment centers, I came to Canyon View hopeless and lost. The staff’s compassion and love filled me with the hope that I had lost, and gave me the tools I needed to battle my disease. This program is like no other.”
-Nic W (sober since May 2016)

About Canyon View Treatment Center

Canyon View offers separate men’s and women’s residential locations in Anaheim California. As clients gaze up at the bold blue skies overhead, we help them to see a future of limitless potential as they break the bonds of their addiction and learn to achieve a better lifestyle.

Each client is given a treatment plan that is specific to his or her addiction and personal issues, ensuring the highest quality of care. By offering a program that fits each individual’s needs, Canyon View offers a more effective avenue to reach long-term sobriety. Features of our individualized programs include:

  •       Low staff-to-client ratio
  •       Gender-specific groups
  •       Optional naltrexone treatment
  •       PTSD/Trauma therapy
  •       Withdrawal medications
  •       Mediated family sessions
  •       Experiential therapy

Deep Dive Cue Extinction

Canyon View takes the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) used by other addiction treatment centers and dives even deeper to find the root of each client’s addiction. Using a mix of CBT and cognitive behavioral renewal (CBR), we work to engage each of our clients in a process we refer to as “cue extinction.” This refers not only to the “cues” or “triggers” that initiate cravings for drugs and alcohol, but also to cues that lead to the dangerous thought processes behind every self-sabotaging behavior. By working with each individual to neutralize their negative ways of thinking, we help them to develop a healthier lifestyle and make better decisions on a daily basis.

Experiential Therapy and Life Skills

Since every client deals with internal struggles that influence their addiction, they must be treated holistically. In addition to behavioral therapy, we also provide life skills education to improve our clients’ nutritional intake, job aspirations and social functioning. Through our life coaching, clients will learn to manage their affairs and begin the life that seemed out of their reach during active addiction. Meanwhile, we take them on experiential outings that allow them to commune with their inner selves as well as the world around them. This includes hikes through the nearby Weir Canyon Wilderness, which our facilities overlook to provide a glorious landscape that symbolizes the potential for growth and the development of new life.

Adaptive Communication with the Family

Canyon View understands that every case of addiction hurts more than just the sufferer alone. Associate director Elisabeth Winchell dedicates herself to working with families in crisis, a passion shared by the rest of our clinical staff. This is why we focus on providing adaptive communication to help each family regain hope and faith, both in themselves and in each other. Clients and their families can engage in family counseling sessions over the phone, or the client can sign a release of information to allow their therapist to maintain regular contact with the family. By opening the lines of communication, Canyon View helps the family to recover as a cohesive unit driven by mutual love and support.

If you or a loved one suffers from addiction of any kind, Canyon View’s experienced staff will help you on your way to receiving the best possible care. Call us today at 844-278-2919, and begin your journey toward recovery.

Canyon View Women’s Center

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