The Most Commonly Used Substances in Connecticut

Like much of the rest of the country, many people in Connecticut have found themselves addicted to some substance or another. When it comes to the types of substances that people are addicted to in Connecticut, there is not much of a divergence from the country as a whole, though there are some notable statistics when it comes to substance use and abuse in CT.

Nevertheless, most people found addicted to drugs or alcohol here end up addicted to or abusing one of the following substances:


Illegal Drugs


As far as illicit drugs are concerned, there isn’t any other substance abused more in Connecticut. As has been reported from many other news outlets, the heroin addiction problem that is plaguing our state as well as the rest of the country is due in large part to the prescription opioid crisis that has left no community untouched in recent decades. Those who had doctors cut or not increase opioid prescriptions ended up looking for other sources of similar effects, which led them directly to heroin.



Although not nearly as prevalent as heroin addiction in Connecticut, the states’ population uses cocaine at rates that are fairly higher than the rest of the country. What this means, though, is that some of the country’s best cocaine rehab centers can be found here due to the increased rates of cocaine abuse in the state.


Marijuana, Prescription Medications, and Alcohol


Although there will probably always be debate about whether or not marijuana should still be considered an illicit substance or not, the fact of the matter is that it has been deemed legal for recreational use in Connecticut. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to get addicted to marijuana – regardless of what some people may try to claim. In fact, marijuana addiction is a much more common reason for entry into rehab centers in Connecticut than cocaine.


Prescription Drugs

As somewhat alluded to earlier, prescription drug abuse and addiction is at remarkably high levels across the entire country. Connecticut hasn’t been immune from that spread of opioid and diazepine addiction whatsoever. Further, thanks to the prescription angle of addiction to these drugs, determining the true extent of the opioid epidemic on Connecticut’s population is likely resulting in far lower addiction numbers than what is real.



Even though the status in society and the general acceptance of alcohol is very high, alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances in Connecticut. This danger is often most attributed to alcohol’s ease of access, relatively low cost, and the notion that alcohol consumption is seen as a kind of social symbol in most circles. Furthermore, this also means that many people who have alcoholism don’t believe they have a problem whatsoever. 

If you are looking for an addiction rehab center in Connecticut for you or a loved one, contact us as soon as possible. The earlier you start working toward ending an addiction, the less the substance will have rooted itself into your or a loved one’s life. Act soon – call us today.