Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Changing the Way You Think

One of the more common programs that you will find at any of the best rehab centers in Washington is cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy is conducted in a similar setting to other forms of therapy where an individual talks one-on-one with the therapist. However, there are some significant differences between regular talk… Read More

drunk man asleep at desk in need of alcohol rehab Washington

How Do I Know I’m an Alcoholic?

While perhaps not an illicit substance, alcohol can become incredibly dangerous when used recklessly. Slurred speech, slowed reaction time, risky behavior, impaired memory and blurred vision are just some of the side effects of alcohol abuse. Other consequences include car accidents, legal issues (such as DUIs or underage drinking charges), and risky/violent behavior due to… Read More

doctor looks at young man with concern and pats his wrist as she takes notes on his battle with heroin addiction Washington

How Potent is Carfentanil?

While fighting the national epidemic of heroin addiction Washington State has seen a significant increase in overdose-related deaths and emergencies. Much of this is attributed not to heroin itself but to an even deadlier substance—carfentanil. Fentanyl is a synthetic form of morphine, an opioid so potent than a person can overdose on an amount only… Read More

Benefits of Recovering in Washington addiction treatment

Benefits of Recovering in Washington

Far too many residents of Washington State suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Fortunately, while many continue to suffer every year, there are many others who choose to seek a better life for themselves. The moment they make this decision, they begin taking steps toward change. For many, one of the first difficulties will be… Read More