Families play an important role in their loved one’s drug addiction Alaska.

The Family’s Role in Substance Abuse

According to the 2013 survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), approximately 24.6 million Americans, 9.4 percent of the US population, had used an illicit drug. Unfortunately, drug addiction Alaska does not affect the using individual alone. As a family disease, substance abuse and addiction ultimately take a toll on… Read More

Out-of-state drug addiction Alaska treatment benefits include the feeling of starting over in a new environment.

Benefits of Out-of-State Treatment

For many patients, addiction treatment means starting life all over again. While not true for all, some addicts and alcoholics simply cannot get sober without overhauling their careers, social circles, and general daily routine. When seeking treatment for drug addiction Alaska treatment centers can provide a quiet sense of solitude that helps with the soul-searching… Read More

Elderly man staring out of a rustic wooden window in an old rural barn or house with a thoughtful serious expression about entering Alaska alcohol and drug rehab

Am I Too Old for Rehab?

Some addicts and alcoholics engage in substance use for years before coming to the conclusion that they need help. Unfortunately, many feel by this point that they cannot recover. After multiple attempts to stop using on their own, they convince themselves that their problem is simply insurmountable. This is sometimes especially true of older substance… Read More

woman packing her bag preparing for Alaska rehab

Preparing for Treatment in Alaska

Some patients in Alaska rehab know how to navigate it due to prior experience. Many, however, are newcomers to rehab and do not know what preparing for treatment in Alaska entails. Certain questions like what to expect from inpatient rehabilitation or even simply what to bring to drug rehab may throw them for a loop…. Read More

packed bags ready to go for Oregon rehab

Preparing for Treatment in Oregon

While often a necessary measure for those who struggle with substance use disorder, Oregon addiction treatment is not a light decision. It requires a fair bit of forethought, and those who seek Oregon alcohol treatment or Oregon drug rehab will need to do some planning. First-time patients may especially struggle with what to expect from… Read More

man packing his bag preparing for Washington rehab

Preparing for Treatment in Washington

First-time treatment patients often feel somewhat nervous when making the decision to enter Washington rehab. They do not know what to bring to drug rehab, or what to expect from inpatient rehabilitation programs. Preparing for treatment in Washington may leave some apprehensive, but it should not. Remember that this is the first chapter of a… Read More

man looking sad going through Washington addiction treatment

Detox and Withdrawal in Treatment

Those who seek long-term treatment at a Washington addiction treatment facility will generally progress through multiple stages of care. For those addicted to substances with potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms, the first treatment stage consists of medical detox. Washington detox and withdrawal treatment can serve addicts suffering withdrawal from any substance. Not everyone will need it,… Read More