Choosing a Connecticut Treatment Program

Connecticut, like so many states in the USA is in need of more affordable and available good quality treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. There are some standards to look for in a treatment facility: individualized care, tiered system of treatment, among others.   License and Accreditation of the Center   With rehabilitation being a… Read More

Preparing for Treatment in Connecticut

Taking the steps to admit they have a problem and then seeking out rehab treatment in Connecticut is a difficult action for any addict to take. It requires honesty, courage, trust, and hope. Once someone has lined up treatment, how do they prepare for treatment?   Live-In Treatment Preparation   Living at a facility during… Read More

Demi Lovato’s Recovery

Although they seem (and often think they’re) larger than life, celebrities are people too. Often their problems are larger than life as well, and so although it’s easy for the cynic to dismiss them as trivial, their arts impact millions. After an alleged drug overdose on July 24th, we’re excited to hear that singer Demi… Read More

Connecticut Addiction Resources

Drug deaths are becoming more and more the leading cause of crime in both Connecticut and the wider United States. When you combine drug related deaths to the deaths that occur due to alcohol abuse, substance abuse is the number one cause of accidental deaths in Connecticut. Drugs are readily available to those who seek… Read More