Opioids in Connecticut

Prescription medications, heroin, and more opioids have flooded the pharmacies and streets. They are more available than ever and more people are suffering from opioid addiction than any previous time in American history.     Addiction In Connecticut   Opioids are a class of drug typically prescribed medically for it’s pain numbing effects. It is… Read More

California and the Opioid Epidemic

In their 2016 report of the status of California’s opioid epidemic, the State of California Department of Public Health released a Strategy to Address Prescription Drug (Opioid) Misuse, Abuse, and Overdose in California. It summarizes the state of the epidemic and the pursuits of the state to fight the disease. In the report the CDPH… Read More

young redhead woman sits near window in small apartment high suffering opiate addiction Alaska

How Quickly Do Users Get Addicted?

Alaska opiate addiction rates have been snowballing in recent years due to rising rates of both heroin and prescription opioid abuse. The rates of abuse between these substances have combined to create a wave of opiate addiction Alaska treatment centers can scarcely manage to contain. A quick glance at the numbers almost makes it seem… Read More