Connecticut Substance Abuse Statistics

When someone is dealing with alcoholism or an addiction to drugs and they decide it is time to find treatment in Connecticut, they should take note of their personal history and life’s struggles as well as the addiction itself. Since addiction hits everyone differently, addiction treatment services should be tailored to each patient’s current state… Read More

doctor looks at young man with concern and pats his wrist as she takes notes on his battle with heroin addiction Washington

How Potent is Carfentanil?

While fighting the national epidemic of heroin addiction Washington State has seen a significant increase in overdose-related deaths and emergencies. Much of this is attributed not to heroin itself but to an even deadlier substance—carfentanil. Fentanyl is a synthetic form of morphine, an opioid so potent than a person can overdose on an amount only… Read More

man alone struggling with opiate addiction

7 Signs of Opiate Abuse in a Loved One

The opioid epidemic currently sweeping the United States is comprised of a number of drugs. With overdose currently leading as the number one cause of accidental death in the nation, those who struggle with opiate addiction cannot afford to go untreated. Before you confront your loved one about their possible opiate addiction, you should look… Read More