drug addiction Alaska teen experimentation

Is Teenage Drug Experimentation Okay?

Drug addiction Alaska among teens is a serious issue which many parents worry about today. As you well know, most addictions begin with experimentation out of curiosity, peer pressure, and for various other reasons. Oftentimes, even dysfunctional life habits contribute to the cultivation of a drug addiction Alaska. While it may be normal and commonplace… Read More

Which Drugs Are The Most Addictive?

Drug addiction in Alaska is a huge issue. As the state continues to rank higher than national averages in addiction, it is important to understand which drugs are the most addictive and why. When determining the most addictive drugs, there are several factors to consider. Researchers classify drugs as more addictive than others according to… Read More

redefine your life free from drug addiction Alaska

Redefine Your Life Without Drugs

Thousands of individuals living in Alaska are cursed by drug addiction, currently active in the vicious cycle that comes along with it. Chaos, pain, and the incessant desire to use becomes normal for those who are suffering from the grasp of drug addiction Alaska and it is often extremely difficult to escape. With the increasing… Read More

tough love won't work for drug addiction Alaska

Why Tough Love Won’t Work

Knowing someone who struggles with drug addiction can be difficult. When they are a friend, family member, or a loved one it is even more difficult. Addiction often separates the addict and those they love. The hurt caused by addiction can feel like betrayal. There is increasingly more drug addiction in Alaska, and if you… Read More

friends free from drug addiction Alaska through sobriety

Adapting to Change in Sobriety

Drug addiction Alaska and alcoholism means that people’s brains to have become dependent on chemicals they receive while using or drinking. Psychologically speaking, addicts and alcoholics quickly become addicted to their drug of choice by using it as a crutch just to get through the day. Emotionally speaking, drug addicts and alcoholics use their drug… Read More