Commonly Used Substances in North Dakota

The collective conscious of drug and alcohol addiction have a tendency to popularize different substances on a national scale or on a topographical regional scale rather than sticking to any type of legal state or county boundaries. This makes sense because the distribution of substances generally has more to do with topographical boundaries such as mountains… Read More

drunk man asleep at desk in need of alcohol rehab Washington

How Do I Know I’m an Alcoholic?

While perhaps not an illicit substance, alcohol can become incredibly dangerous when used recklessly. Slurred speech, slowed reaction time, risky behavior, impaired memory and blurred vision are just some of the side effects of alcohol abuse. Other consequences include car accidents, legal issues (such as DUIs or underage drinking charges), and risky/violent behavior due to… Read More

man keeps drunk friend suffering from alcohol addiction in Oregon from grabbing his keys at the bar

How to Help an Alcoholic Friend

Watching another person suffer from alcohol addiction in Oregon can lead to immense emotional disturbance. Nobody wants to watch someone they care about slowly kill themselves through substance use. Unfortunately, most people who find themselves in this position do not know how to help an alcoholic friend. It can sometimes be more difficult than helping… Read More

There are several serious concerns for the long-term effects of alcohol addiction Alaska on both the user and those involved in the life of the user.

Long-Term Effects of Alcoholism

Despite the initial “positive” feelings associated with drinking alcohol, long-term use and heavy drinking can lead to the formation of a vicious alcohol addiction Alaska cycle causing paramount health issues, including risk for serious life-threatening diseases. Long-term alcoholism can also have drastic effects on the social, professional, and personal life of users. It is when… Read More

woman looking at bills worrying about how to pay for addiction treatment

How Do I Pay for Rehab?

Many worry about finances when seeking quality addiction treatment. Substance users and their families often struggle with financial difficulties, and fear they will be unable to pay for rehab. Fortunately, facilities such as those operated by Aspire Health Network offer numerous options for covering the cost of drug and alcohol treatment. Understanding the services covered,… Read More