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Recovery and the Five Stages of Grief

Recovery in Alaska is an incredible experience. Many people opt to go to alcohol rehab Alaska on account of the beautiful scenery, destination sobriety, and fantastic treatment centers. The natural beauty and surroundings provide an ideal location for dealing with past traumatic experiences as well away from the distractions and stresses of everyday life. Many… Read More

those in alcohol rehab Alaska often face legal issues

Helping Alcoholics with Legal Issues

Alcoholism is certainly on the incline in Alaska. Currently, Alaska ranks for three times the deaths caused by alcohol than any other state. Such a drinking habit causes health issues, can separate individuals from their friends, and amy even cost individuals their lives. However, it is an often underlooked fact that the individual struggling with… Read More

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How to Recognize Alcohol Poisoning

The state of Alaska has seen an influx of licensed treatment centers opening up due to the drastic increase in overdose rates over the past few years. Alcohol rehab deals with the detoxification from alcohol to prevent serious health conditions, seizures, and even death. Alcohol rehab in Alaska specifically is becoming more prominent due to… Read More

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Does Drinking Really Prevent Withdrawal?

Alcohol dependence is classified as alcohol use disorder in the DSM-IV. Those suffering with this disorder experience intense physiological cravings when trying to quit drinking. It can feel like an uphill battle when giving up alcohol altogether. Knowing what to expect during withdrawal can help ease the sufferer’s mind and give hope to this potentially… Read More