homeless man holding syringe in front of graffiti wall clenches fists in agony addicted to heroin Alaska

Can Heroin Users Ever Use Casually?

Alaska Heroin Addiction Statistics While every state may struggle with heroin Alaska has a particularly bad problem on their hands. According to the State of Alaska Epidemiology, heroin overdose-related deaths have quadrupled from 2009 to 2016. Highlighting the severity of this nationwide crisis, the bulletin reveals Alaska’s overdose death rate was the highest in the… Read More

Families play an important role in their loved one’s drug addiction Alaska.

The Family’s Role in Substance Abuse

According to the 2013 survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), approximately 24.6 million Americans, 9.4 percent of the US population, had used an illicit drug. Unfortunately, drug addiction Alaska does not affect the using individual alone. As a family disease, substance abuse and addiction ultimately take a toll on… Read More

Elderly man staring out of a rustic wooden window in an old rural barn or house with a thoughtful serious expression about entering Alaska alcohol and drug rehab

Am I Too Old for Rehab?

Some addicts and alcoholics engage in substance use for years before coming to the conclusion that they need help. Unfortunately, many feel by this point that they cannot recover. After multiple attempts to stop using on their own, they convince themselves that their problem is simply insurmountable. This is sometimes especially true of older substance… Read More

Alaska Addiction Resources

There is currently a strong need for Alaska addiction treatment, as rates of alcohol and drug addiction continue to rank higher than the national average—a trend that began at least as far back as 2010. Unfortunately, SAMHSA data indicates that only 10.6% of alcoholics and 11.8% of drug addicts in Alaska receive the treatment they… Read More

multiple substances people use who seek Alaska addiction treatment

Most Commonly Used Substances in Alaska

Every state differs slightly in terms of its most commonly used substances. Alcohol tends to rank highest due to its legality and ease of access. Rates of marijuana use often tell a similar story, as many perceive the drug as harmless—especially compared to some of the alternatives. As for other drugs, each state has its… Read More