A Tiered Approach to Addiction Recovery Treatment in North Dakota

When an addict researches recovery treatment they will find that the best North Dakota addiction treatment centers build their strategies around creating individualized treatment plans, plans that can be shaped and changed depending on the specific needs of the individual patient through a tiered form of treatment. This kind of treatment strategy is created with a… Read More

Oregon Addiction Statistics

The Facts on Addiction in Oregon

Addiction holds a unique place in the public eye when compared to other chronic conditions. Most people maintain some sort of rough idea regarding the widespread nature of substance use disorder; however, only those who know it intimately can truly understand its effects on those who suffer. Others who look at Oregon addiction statistics and… Read More

man holding a bag of Washington cocaine addiction

The Truth About Cocaine in Washington

Cocaine is not the most prevalent substance in Washington State, but current rates of Washington cocaine addiction remain problematic in many ways. Despite reductions in use as reported in Washington addiction statistics, the dangers of using cocaine in Washington increase every year as manufacturers continue using dangerous adulterants in their production process. To complicate matters,… Read More

man drinking while his partner is upset depicting the danger of codependency and addiction

The Dangers of Such a Tragic Combination

When many people discuss “cross-addiction,” they mean addiction to multiple substances such as alcohol and illicit drugs. Some, however, use this term in reference to their co-occurring substance addiction and behavioral addiction. While not technically an addiction in the strictest sense, one may also make an argument to include codependency and addiction under the same… Read More

Alaska addiction cocaine

The Problem With Cocaine In Alaska

Cocaine addiction in Alaska is a major problem, constituting one of the most common substance use disorders in the state. In 2016, the state’s largest cocaine supplier received a 16-year sentence after trafficking 250 kilograms of cocaine over a four-year period; however, one man’s incarceration is hardly enough to resolve the issue. Alaska addiction finds… Read More

man lays head down on table struggling with Alaska addiction to heroin

Heroin in Alaska

As overdose rates continue rising in the United States, it is clear that rates of Alaska addiction continue to rise as well. In October of 2017, a man from Anchorage was arrested and charged with trafficking 4 kilograms (roughly 40,000 individual doses) of heroin into the state of Alaska. Accounting for the average price of… Read More

man in protective gear disposing of meth addiction Alaska

Meth Addiction Trends In Alaska

Methamphetamine, more commonly known as meth, is a potent and dangerous substance that ranks as one of the most widely used drugs among Alaskan sufferers of substance use disorder. Alaska meth addiction rates show that meth-related deaths have grown over the past few years, despite the fact that trends in drug trafficking appeared to be… Read More