What is The Status of Opioids in North Dakota?

Prescription medications like Oxycontin, Vicodin, or codeine, heroin, fentanyl, and other opioids, have saturated the markets in the North Dakota pharmacies and on the streets. These narcotics are easily and readily available in particular because so many of the drugs are acquired through a pain prescription from the person’s trusted physician. Citizens of The Peace… Read More

Choosing a Connecticut Treatment Program

Connecticut, like so many states in the USA is in need of more affordable and available good quality treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. There are some standards to look for in a treatment facility: individualized care, tiered system of treatment, among others.   License and Accreditation of the Center   With rehabilitation being a… Read More

New York Addiction Resources

There are few more pressing problems weighing on our New York communities than the crime, injury, and death that result from drug and alcohol addiction. While it is by no means a new struggle, the last few years have seen a precipitous rise in substance abuse affecting all walks of life. Increasing numbers of hospitalizations… Read More

Minnesota Addiction Resources

Minnesota is really feeling the tragedy of drug and alcohol related deaths in the state’s communities. There are, in fact, few issues more pressing on the state than the health related issue of drug related fatal overdoses. While it is by no means a new struggle, as time has gone by, the last decade or… Read More

Montana Addiction Resources

There are few more concerning issues weighing on Montana’s communities than the tragic crime, injury, and death that happen as a result of alcohol and drug addiction. While it is by no means a novel topic, it has in the last five years been on a precipitous rise, seeing substance abuse in Montana shaping all… Read More

North Dakota Addiction Resources

Addiction to drugs and alcohol has been an increasing issue in the state of North Dakota, throughout the United States as a whole country, and throughout the wider world as a whole. In short, humans have a big problem with drug and alcohol addiction because it is killing in huge numbers right now. Infact, the… Read More

South Dakota Addiction Statistics

When a person struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction goes to seek out treatment, an excellent detox and rehab facility in South Dakota should take into consideration the patient’s specific needs and their unique struggles and way of life. Addiction treatment must be molded to treat each patient because addiction feeds off of each… Read More