stages of recovery in substance abuse Washington

The Stages of Addiction Recovery

Substance abuse continues to wreak havoc on the lives of those it touches throughout the state of Washington. The vicious cycle of addiction makes it very difficult for a person to turn their life around their own. The professional help that is readily available offers all of the tools and therapies a person needs to live a life free from substance abuse Washington.

Each phase of drug addiction treatment is critical. The chronic nature of addiction leaves many with the belief that they will never be able to remain abstinent from their drug of choice or from other substances but, with all of the resources that Washington has incorporated, there is a chance to recover if the help is taken.

What Are the Stages of Addiction Recovery?

In order to recover from drug addiction, a lot of courage and open mindedness must occur for those who suffer. A majority of the time, when first entering drug addiction treatment there exists a lot of resistance for the help that is being offered. This is because an individual has become so lost in the struggles that come along with substance abuse Washington that they have been made unaware of how to live any other way.

An efficient treatment center focuses on each aspect of the individual’s addiction and works hard to make sure that they have an accurate understanding of the addiction. The addicted individual must also understand the recovery process that is to be expected.

The 5 Stages of Addiction Recovery can be summarized by the following:

  1. Immediate concerns–physical separation from the substance
  2. Introduction to therapeutic factors
  3. Recognizing the effects of addiction
  4. Action behind recovery
  5. Maintenance and relapse prevention


The most immediate concern for those recovering in Washington begins with a focus on physically separating the individual from drugs or alcohol as well as incorporating healthy ways to deal with cravings throughout the detox process. Group and individual therapies are then introduced to incorporate education on substance abuse, to teach individuals how to prevent the future use of substances, and to instill hope in the individuals to remain active in withholding from using.

Understanding the effects of addiction on the individual is a very important aspect to the recovery process as well. This understanding reveals to the patient how their addiction hinders them in countless ways and results in a lot of the problems that exist in their life. This aspect also focuses on how their addiction takes a toll on their loved ones and allows them to see from a different point of view how much pain is being caused by the substance abuse Washington.

Taking action is also an essential aspect of recovery. In this step, healthy substitutes are introduced in order to take up the patient’s time as a replacement for time spent using drugs and reverting back to old behaviors. This is usually where a 12-Step Program or other forms of support programs are introduced to help build a strong foundation for someone recovering from substance abuse Washington. Finally, maintenance and relapse prevention therapy are introduced to help the individual continue to abstain from the use of substances once they have been discharged from treatment.

Options for Substance Abuse Washington Treatment

Fatal overdoses have been steadily increasing over the last decade, leaving many with the desire to address this issue and save lives in the future. Drug addiction treatment allows an individual to see that there is another way to live before it is too late. There are many Washington addiction treatment options available to ensure that the necessary resources are accessible so that there may be less substance-related fatalities in the future. There are many facilities that exist within the state and out of it that work to assess the needs of each individual and focus on providing them with the professional help it takes to save their life.

Seek Treatment Today

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