hitting rock bottom in substance abuse Washington

Do I Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before Getting Help?

There are a number of myths floating around about the idea of getting treatment for an addiction. Substance abuse Washington is a major issue that many individuals can identify with, but for whatever reason, they often refuse to get help. In many cases, there are quite a few withholdings that addicts have before they get treatment.

Myths About Treatment

Several of these myths are:

  • They are unable to afford treatment
  • They do not think they deserve treatment
  • They believe treatment will make them weak

While all of these are completely false notions, as has been discussed at length in a separate article, one of the more harmful ones is the idea that an addict must hit rock bottom before pursuing treatment. This notion is not only false, but it is also extremely harmful. Substance abuse Washington cannot be allowed to continue until the individual hits rock bottom. Waiting this long can only further hinder the individual from getting help, and sometimes my even result in premature death that could have been avoided with treatment. Below, we will explore this myth of hitting rock bottom in particular, why it exists, and why it is false.

Risk of Hitting Rock Bottom

The term “rock-bottom” can mean many different things to different people. For some, rock bottom is when they have completely run out of funds and may become homeless. It could be a mental state, or even the loss of all relationships. This idea that it is not consistent for each individual is also dangerous because it is left entirely up to the addict to determine when they hit rock bottom.

Some studies show that the notion of rock bottom is a way for addicts to justify their behavior. The idea that things can always get worse means they are currently in a state of “better.” This notion can trick our brains and convince us that since we are not at our worst, we can still take part in substance abuse Washington without doing much harm. Furthermore, if we believe this lie, we risk permanent damage to our body. Studies show in cases of alcohol abuse Washington, we damage our liver, sexual capacity, long-term memory, and many other things. In cases of drugs, we risk much of the health of our respiratory system, transmission of blood borne diseases, and even our heart. Both of these options can even lead to death. Rock bottom should not be the goal. Instead, the goal should be treatment.

Why Treatment is the Goal

When we say that we have to hit rock bottom before we get treatment, we subconsciously make getting to rock bottom our goal, as if it will magically give us the motivation we need to finally seek treatment. However, this is not true, and reaching rock bottom should never be the goal of substance abuse Washington.

The goal of any recovery is treatment. A cancer patient does not knowingly wait until cancer is at its worst stage to start treatment. In the same way, we should not wait until the disease of addiction has done its worst before we get help. Aspire Health Network offers many treatment facilities that are some of the best in the country to help you begin your journey to recovery in a safe, comfortable environment full of support.

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse Washington, please do not hesitate to contact us today to speak with a specialist regarding your specific needs. Rather than setting your goal on rock bottom, set your goal on the road to recovery ahead. Take your life back and get help today. Our compassionate team of counselors are standing by to take your call 24/7.