South Dakota Relapse Prevention

In order for someone suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol to come away with as many tools in their toolbox as they can after their recovery program they will need to go through a tiered system of treatment.  These phases of treatment include medical detox, supervised by licensed medical professionals, rehabilitation with the support of qualified therapists, as well as outpatient and aftercare relapse prevention services. In order to support sober living, a person must go through each of these steps of drug and alcohol treatment.

Outpatient rehab and aftercare relapse prevention services usually center around relapse prevention treatment. Relapsing is the fear that often haunts a recovering alcohol or drug addict after they have finished detox and rehab. Will they leave rehab ready to face the real world and be able to protect their new sobriety without relapsing? Will they be capably to face cravings and triggers? These are understandable worries but a user doesn’t have to be afraid of relapse if they make sure that they are taking the proper precautions by engaging in relapse prevention recovery care. Those in South Dakota who do not seek out further care are at a higher risk of relapse, and consequently at a higher risk of fatal overdose.


Dangers of South Dakota Relapse

One thing that many people fail to consider is that when a person has gone through

Some people might not think about it, and that is the major risk, but when someone has come home from a recovery treatment program successfully they have been clean from the drug they were addicted to for some time. This means that their tolerance has plummeted for that specific drug. Because of that, a relapse can be extremely dangerous. When people don’t think about how their tolerance to intoxicants is built up over time and that they can no longer sustain the amount of the drug they were taking when they went to detox, they often go back to the same dose they left. This is when overdoses happen. This heightened likelihood of overdose during a relapse can be so dangerous that it can often lead to death. For many addicts, the motions of preparing and consuming a dose are so practiced through habit that they may not realize that they can no longer handle the same dosage that used to be necessary to get them high.

When the drug in question is an opiate, as is often the case since that is the most commonly abused drug in South Dakota, the danger is even higher. Because of the ready availability of the drugs there is huge potential for relapse and opioid overdoses are often fatal. The CDC estimates that over four thousand people will die from a opioid overdose in South Dakota this year – that’s an average of eleven per day. Given those odds and the fatal stakes involved, it is important to consider relapse prevention therapy as an equally important piece of a person’s overall addiction treatment instead of an optional or additional treatment.


Preventing Relapse in South Dakota

Relapse prevention programs are ongoing therapies that help support an addict after rehab and help them build the tools they need to stick to their sober life. These programs often include dialectic or cognitive behavioral counseling, support groups, and activities designed to help the addict discover a sense of well-being in their sober life. This kind of social structure and community is very useful for finding the support and strength to face the triggers and cravings that follow a recovering addict in life after rehab. There are certain things that no non-addict will ever be able to fully understand, so a community of people who can relate to the same issues and respond in a nonjudgmental way provides a much needed safe space for addicts to process this aspect of their personality.

Keeping all of this in mind, it follows that a patient will want to look, not only for the best South Dakota detoxification program and the best South Dakota rehabilitation program, but a user should also consider the quality of care in the post-rehab relapse prevention aftercare programs. If you are struggling to find the right program for you, or maybe the program you are interested in is full in South Dakota, perhaps you should look at programs out of state.


Out of State Treatment Can Help for South Dakota Addicts

Aspire Health Network offers many treatment recovery centers in states like Washington,  Oregon, California and others. Aspire meets its patients needs but go even further by offering some much needed distance from the environment the patient was in when they became addicted to drugs or alcohol. This sort of space can sometimes make it much easier to separate yourself from the drug or alcohol addiction that has upended your life. Going out of state borders to seek treatment can sometimes make it easier to recover. With our certified staff of medical clinicians and qualified therapists you’ll be monitored and supported in your detox, rehab and relapse prevention treatment.

South Dakota addicts can be confident that Aspire Health Network will be treated by experts  in the field of addiction recovery who are dedicated to working with patients to foster supportive sober communities. No other network is as committed to personal and individualized care. If you are seeking treatment in South Dakota, or want to work with an out of state program contact us now.