South Dakota Detoxification

Medical detox is the first step in addiction recovery. When a patient is in detox, they abstain from using the drug or alcohol that they are addicted to in order to allow  toxins that have built up in their bodies to get out of their system. It is important to do this while under the supervision of a licensed medical clinician.Regardless of what type of rehab a person chooses, outpatient or inpatient, detox is always first.

South Dakota detox and withdrawal treatment can be work with patients through any kind of addiction withdrawal. Detox can be a lifesaving measure, however, detoxing at home, by oneself is not only risky but can end in a medical disaster that could be life threatening.


South Dakota Withdrawal Dangers

Not everyone who ends up going to rehab decides to go through detox at a medical treatment facility. It is not a required step to go through detox, however a patient’s body will detox on its own regardless of if they choose to forgo detox treatment at a facility. Overtime the patient’s system will rid itself of the addictive substance, all the while, leaving the addict in some type of discomfort due to the symptoms that come along with withdrawal. These symptoms may vary by drug, how much the person was taking just before the time of treatment, the health and wellbeing of the addict, among other variables.

Different substances cause people to withdrawal in differently. Studies show that alcohol withdrawal in South Dakota may lead to symptoms like upset stomach, vomiting, irritation and paranoia, tremors, disorientation, and even seizures. Delirium tremens, sometimes called DT’s, is a condition that comes about as a result of alcohol withdrawal. The condition presents with a sudden onset of confusion and can change one’s mental state as well as their nervous system. It is very important that this condition be supervised by healthcare professionals. Other drugs, like cocaine, can cause different kinds of withdrawal symptoms. An addict may find themselves experiencing severe exhaustion, a sense of restlessness, and in more severe cases of withdrawal –  suicidal ideation.


Opiates can cause some of the more concerning withdrawal symptoms. Opioid withdrawal can include muscle aches, vomiting, profuse sweating, circulatory and respiratory complications, among others. These can be very dangerous symptoms, but if you have access to quality medical detox you will be quite safe.


Regardless of the drug you are detoxing from there may be lingering withdrawal symptoms after you are through the worst of it. Each patient is different and every drug detoxes differently. It is important to look for a South Dakota detox center that gives patients multiple levels of care. When someone detoxes outside of a treatment facility it is often easy to give in to the triggers.


Drug Detox in South Dakota Addiction Treatment

Detox isn’t an end in treatment, it is only the first treatment step. South Dakota substance abuse recovery programs go further than a hospital would and lead a patient through different levels of treatment and rehabilitation aftercare to assure that a patient has confidence as they work toward sober living. Patients who settle for detoxification as their only treatment against their addiction will almost always find themselves relapsing after they have left treatment. However, South Dakota treatment facilities, with relapse prevention therapy and other different forms of treatment can offer an addict a fuller understanding of addiction and they will begin to better understand why they developed their addiction to begin with. Understanding addiction is the only way to recover from one.

South Dakota treatment centers can also help to addicts with dual-diagnosis mental health disorders as well as whatever chronic pain may trouble the patient and could be at the heart of how their addiction developed. These complications, dual diagnosis, chronic pain, as well as the person’s withdrawal symptoms are just some of the reasons that detoxing at home is not safe.


Aspire’s Detox for Drug Addiction

Aspire Health Network offers a high chance that you’ll be able to find the perfect program for you when you need most. Seeking out-of-state-care in locations such as Washington, Oregon, even Alaska, can give a patient possibilities in treatment and even offer you some much needed distance from everyday stressors.

Drug and alcohol detox is only the first step recovery. It opens the door for a healthier, sober future, but in order to really create a strong sober foundation a patient should explore a long-term recovery plan with neurological and behavioral therapies. Aspire Health Network offers its patients this and a sense of community.

If you are suffering from an addiction and are looking for a safe and supportive place to detox where you can move further into a treatment program designed to help you reach sustained sobriety, contact us for more information about our programs.

Aspire is here for you.