South Dakota, like the rest of the country, has serious problems to deal with around drug and alcohol addiction. Substance abuse leads to chemical dependence and deep psychological addiction. This chronic disease cannot be cured, and cannot be controlled without the help of continuous treatment. The issue has never been more serious as it is now. The headlines consistently tell us about more lives lost to the opioid epidemic, or a celebrity overdosing. It has become clear that regardless of where you live, statistics like these call for accessible and effective treatment that is just as available to people as intoxicants are. Drug and alcohol addiction affects the state of South Dakota on an individual basis, but each South Dakota life lost changes a family and that can affect an entire community.



  • The Most Commonly Used Substances in South DakotaDrugs have a tendency to trend on a national, or regional level rather than adhering to any man made boundary. Rather the distribution of drugs is held only by topographical boundaries that are difficult to cross such as a robust mountain range or the sea. However mountain ranges and the ocean only do so much to keep drug trafficking at bay and we see drugs trending these days on a world scale.  Even so, knowing South Dakota’s particular habits when it comes to substance abuse can tell us how to shape treatment within the state as well as how to fund treatment and research.
  • South Dakota Substance Abuse Statistics – Statistics can sometimes feel dry or boring, but there is nothing droll about the drug crisis hitting the world right now, right down to South Dakota.  The only way to combat this epidemic is through further knowledge of the intoxicants being taken and a better understanding of the human psyche, and the biology that is at the center of chemical dependence. Part of this work can be done by looking at the statistics surrounding mental illness, adolescent drinking or drug use, suicide, crime, neglect, trauma, or abuse and how each variable affects and is affected by the drug epidemic in South Dakota.
  • Causes of Addiction in South Dakota – There is nothing simple about an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It is a complicated chronic disease, the same way that asthma is a chronic disease.  How do individuals develop an addiction? Is it a hereditary disease, or is the environment that the person inhabits to blame?
  • The Status of Opioids in South Dakota – Prescription medications, heroin, fentanyl, among other opioids, have flooded the South Dakota pharmacies and our streets. These drugs are easily and readily available especially since so many of the drugs are found in a pain prescription from the doctor. Citizens of The Land of Lincoln are suffering due to opioids more than ever.  But treatment is possible.
  • How Does Methamphetamine Affect South Dakota – Even though Meth has become a less commonly talked about drug since opioids started making headlines more often, there is still a market for meth on the streets, and it is still a very dangerous substance.
  • Cocaine Is Still Prevalent In South Dakota – Cocaine is another drug that used to have a lot more power behind its name but now, because of the opioid problems that South Dakota and the rest of the world are facing, it has slipped from the public conversation. However cocaine is just as prevalent as it ever was before and is often even used in conjunction with opioids such as heroin and  fentanyl.


Recovery Treatment

  • A Tiered Approach to Addiction Recovery Treatment in South Dakota – The best South Dakota drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities create recovery plans with their patients that will offer a tiered form of treatment. This strategy of treatment consists of a few different steps of recovery such as detox, rehab, and relapse prevention aftercare.
  • South Dakota Detoxification – Medical detox is the first step in the tiered addiction recovery system. Detox is a time when the patient will allow the toxins that have built up in their system to purge from their bodies while under the professional supervision of a licensed medical professional.
  • South Dakota Rehabilitation – After detoxification always comes rehabilitation, or at least it does in a tiered approach to addiction recovery. Rehab should include some form of behavioral therapy along with other kinds of therapies designed to teach the necessary life skills and self acceptance that are necessary to going back to the everyday world and thriving instead of struggling.
  • South Dakota Relapse Prevention – Relapse prevention care is vital after someone leaves drug or alcohol detox and rehab. It can be in the form of a treatment program through a treatment facility, a 12 step program, or any sort of continuing therapy. Relapse prevention is something of a matter of life or death because consisten treatment is vital for keeping addiction symptoms at bay. Those who suffer from addiction are at a high risk of fatal overdose in the event of relapse.
  • Choosing a South Dakota Treatment Program – South Dakota is in need of more addiction recovery treatment programs that will consider the whole person and their unique needs and struggles throughout their treatment recovery program. Choosing a program can be hard. Here are some questions you want to ask yourself when you are looking for treatment.
  • Preparing for Treatment in South Dakota –  When someone takes those difficult steps to admitting that they have an addiction it requires an incredible amount of courage, not to mention a lot of hope and trust in those who will ultimately help the person suffering to get help and maintain their sobriety in the long term. But once someone has lined up recovery treatment, they will want to know better how to prepare for the experience.