Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

How Prevalent Is Alcoholism? There are roughly 17 million Americans suffering from some degree of alcohol use disorder, whether they realize it or not. Many of them will deny that they’re alcoholics, or that they ‘aren’t like the other alcoholics’ depending on their perceived control over their drinking habits. Since alcohol is legal to purchase… Read More

Preparing for Treatment in Connecticut

Taking the steps to admit they have a problem and then seeking out rehab treatment in Connecticut is a difficult action for any addict to take. It requires honesty, courage, trust, and hope. Once someone has lined up treatment, how do they prepare for treatment?   Live-In Treatment Preparation   Living at a facility during… Read More

Detox in Connecticut

Detox (detoxification) is the process of removing toxic substances (drugs or alcohol) from the body. Detoxification is used to help people in Connecticut and elsewhere overcome both drug and alcohol addictions. A detox program is the first step in most rehabilitation programs. In order increase the likelihood of successful rehab treatment, individuals struggling with addiction… Read More

On Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation in Connecticut

Inpatient Rehab Treatment in Connecticut Inpatient rehab treatment is usually the best first step in Connecticut rehab, but more so for those suffering with more severe addictions. Those seeking addiction recovery who are struggling with long-duration and high intensity substance abuse tend to need more intensive addiction treatment as a result, which cannot usually be… Read More

Drug Addiction Treatment in Connecticut

There’s no one perfect approach to addiction treatment. Dozens of types of programs are available in Connecticut, especially when individualized treatment plans are an option. Drug addiction treatment can include detox, therapy programs, medically assisted treatment, and post-rehab support programs among other treatment options. Different rehab centers in CT offer different types of treatment and… Read More

Demi Lovato’s Recovery

Although they seem (and often think they’re) larger than life, celebrities are people too. Often their problems are larger than life as well, and so although it’s easy for the cynic to dismiss them as trivial, their arts impact millions. After an alleged drug overdose on July 24th, we’re excited to hear that singer Demi… Read More

Connecticut Substance Abuse Statistics

When someone is dealing with alcoholism or an addiction to drugs and they decide it is time to find treatment in Connecticut, they should take note of their personal history and life’s struggles as well as the addiction itself. Since addiction hits everyone differently, addiction treatment services should be tailored to each patient’s current state… Read More

Prescription Drugs Second Leading Cause of Drug Deaths

In the 1990’s, there was a push towards using various new controlled forms of opioids in prescription drugs. Before, they were used only inside of hospitals as controlled medication directly administered by a physician. The resulting legalization of prescription opioids resulted in pharmaceuticals like oxycodone and hydrocodone being available to patients to use outside of… Read More