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concerned about a loved one's substance abuse Washington disorder

Substance Abuse Washington | Why Can’t My Loved One Just Stop Using?

Alcoholism and addiction are commonly classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as substance use disorder. Substance abuse in Washington and many other states has risen as a result of deadly-laced heroin and easier accessibility to opiates. These substances in particular are highly addictive and have affected many communities in Washington. There… Read More »

meditation helps overcome heroin addiction Washington

Heroin Addiction Washington | Spirituality in Addiction Rehab

As the heroin epidemic continues to devastate America, many in Washington wonder where to turn for treatment. The issue has gotten so bad that overdoses have taken more lives than traffic accidents. Heroin addiction Washington is a prevalent issue that needs treatment, both physically and mentally. There is one aspect of recovery that is often… Read More »