How Does Methamphetamine Affect South Dakota?

Methamphetamine is a dangerous and potentially deadly drug, which has been thrust out of the limelight in recent years due to the opioid epidemic. Before the dawn of the highly publicized fight against opioids, meth became a highly talked about drug because of the debut of Breaking Bad in 2008. This television show introduced the… Read More

Preparing for Treatment in South Dakota

No one makes the decision to attend a South Dakota addiction recovery treatment facility just casually. In fact when someone does realize making that move is a necessary next step for them, it is important to be very intentional about next step preparation for drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment. When someone is going to… Read More

Choosing a South Dakota Treatment Program

The Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality National Survey on Drug Use and Health states that only the number of people who use illicit drugs and receive treatment for their addiction has been decreasing year over year. Perhaps this is because looking for a recovery treatment center in South Dakota can be a difficult process, there… Read More

South Dakota Addiction Statistics

When a person struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction goes to seek out treatment, an excellent detox and rehab facility in South Dakota should take into consideration the patient’s specific needs and their unique struggles and way of life. Addiction treatment must be molded to treat each patient because addiction feeds off of each… Read More