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Consider these few simple ways to experience joy in recovery for heroin addiction Alaska.

Heroin Addiction Alaska | Learning to Experience Joy in Recovery

There is nothing like a heroin addiction Alaska to take a toll on your ability to enjoy life. Many addicts just before entering treatment find themselves depressed, empty, hopeless, and even suicidal. It is often these painful thoughts and feelings that drive individuals to seek drug addiction treatment. Nobody wants to live a life lacking… Read More »

There are several serious concerns for the long-term effects of alcohol addiction Alaska on both the user and those involved in the life of the user.

Alcohol Addiction Alaska | Long-Term Effects of Alcoholism

Despite the initial “positive” feelings associated with drinking alcohol, long-term use and heavy drinking can lead to the formation of a vicious alcohol addiction Alaska cycle causing paramount health issues, including risk for serious life-threatening diseases. Long-term alcoholism can also have drastic effects on the social, professional, and personal life of users. It is when… Read More »

There are treatment options available for those in Alaska struggling with a marijuana use addiction.

Drug Addiction Alaska | Can I Go to Treatment for Marijuana?

A common question surrounding the topic of drug addiction Alaska treatment is whether or not it is even necessary in the first place. Despite the debate surrounding marijuana use on whether or not it is truly an addictive substance, marijuana can have profound effects on the health and wellbeing of chronic users that lead to… Read More »

young redhead woman sits near window in small apartment high suffering opiate addiction Alaska

Opiate Addiction Alaska | How Quickly Do Users Get Addicted?

Alaska opiate addiction rates have been snowballing in recent years due to rising rates of both heroin and prescription opioid abuse. The rates of abuse between these substances have combined to create a wave of opiate addiction Alaska treatment centers can scarcely manage to contain. A quick glance at the numbers almost makes it seem… Read More »

Combating loneliness in addiction recovery is an important part of relapse prevention.

Loneliness in Addiction Recovery: How to Cope

When addicts and alcoholics enter addiction treatment, they receive built-in support through their treatment center. For the duration of their stay in drug and alcohol rehab, they know that the staff and other clients will support their recovery. Upon leaving this environment, many find themselves struggling with a sudden onset of loneliness. The stark contrast… Read More »

Managing chronic pain without opioids is not everyone’s first choice, but it is necessary for those in recovery.

Managing Chronic Pain without Opioids

Whether due to injury or illness, over 100 million people in the United States struggle with chronic pain every day. For those in addiction recovery, managing chronic pain without opioids often feels like an uphill battle. Pain management in Alaska addiction treatment facilities has become a major issue. Likewise, treating chronic pain without pills in… Read More »

older man exhausted from drinking whiskey to prevent alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatment

Heavy drinking takes its toll on the body. Those who drink too much even once, let alone over the course of a multi-year struggle with alcohol addiction, often suffer major health defects. The effects of alcohol on the body can lead to long-term deterioration of the brain, heart, liver, pancreas and general immune system. In… Read More »

5 Relapse Prevention Methods to Practice Daily

When attempting to achieve long-term recovery, addicts and alcoholics must formulate two types of plans. The first type of plan is situational. How will you deal with peer pressure or cravings when they arise? The second type of plan is proactive. What can you do every day to prevent cravings and maintain a strong program… Read More »