woman in relapse prevention

Life After Rehab – What Now?

Table of Contents Addiction Treatment Doesn’t End When You Leave RehabTypes of Post-Rehab CareMaking a Post-Treatment PlanMaintaining Your Support GroupPractice a Healthy LifestyleIndividual Therapy and CounselingCheckupsAdditional Steps for SuccessDevelop and Exercise RegimeFind Something New to Focus OnGet to Know Yourself AgainHelp Others in NeedBe Very Aware of TriggersA Few Extra Things to Keep in MindYou’ve… Read More

affordable long term treatment

Affordable Long Term Drug Rehab

Table of Contents Do I Need Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab?What Is Long Term Drug Treatment?Residential Rehab Treatment OptionsCognitive Behavioral TherapyContingency ManagementFinding the Right Long-Term RehabFind an Addiction Treatment Center Today Do I Need Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab? Addiction to any substance is a chronic condition that is not easily recovered from. Discontinuing the… Read More

heroin addiction Washington

Heroin Addiction Washington | Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

Table of Contents Believing Addiction Is a ChoiceWhy Some Deny That Addiction Is a DiseaseAddiction as a Disease: Another PerspectiveNeed Help With Heroin Addiction In Washington? Heroin addiction in the state of Washington often inspires conversation around whether addiction is a disease or a choice. There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding this topic, which… Read More

drug addiction Alaska teen experimentation

Drug Addiction Alaska | Is Teenage Drug Experimentation Okay?

Table of Contents Why Do Teens Experiment With Drugs?Parents: Stay AlertNext Steps Toward Drug Addiction Alaska Treatment Drug addiction Alaska among teens is a serious issue which many parents worry about today. As you well know, most addictions begin with experimentation out of curiosity, peer pressure, and for various other reasons. Oftentimes, even dysfunctional life… Read More

drug addiction Los Angeles addictive personality

Drug Addiction Los Angeles | Is There Such a Thing as an Addictive Personality?

Table of Contents What It Means to Have an Addictive PersonalityWhat Increases the Chances of Addiction?What to Say InsteadDrug Addiction In Los Angeles | How to Move Forward In the conversation around drug addiction in Los Angeles, popular culture sometimes portrays people with drug addictions as having addictive personalities. What does this mean, and is… Read More

adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and alcohol addiction Alaska

Alcohol Addiction Alaska | Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Alcoholism

Table of Contents What Are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?The Influence of ACEs on Alcohol Addiction in AlaskaWhere to Get Treatment for ACEs and Alcoholism As individuals aim to recover from alcoholism, they must consider the factors that lead to addiction. These vary from person to person, but there is overwhelming evidence that Adverse Childhood Experiences… Read More

sobriety through drug rehab Orange County

Drug Rehab Orange County | How Sobriety Will Change Your Everyday Life

Table of Contents Sobriety Changes You PhysicallySobriety Changes Relationships Life After Drug Rehab in Orange County Sobriety is one of the most important steps a person can take to enjoy a healthier and more enjoyable life. While becoming sober will change your everyday life, what is less clear is what exactly those changes will be…. Read More

Difference Between California Rehab and Detox Programs

Table of Contents California DetoxCalifornia Rehab Many people think of California rehab programs and detox programs as one and the same. The truth is, though they are both important parts of healing from drug or alcohol addiction, they are different steps altogether in the process. As you begin to choose treatment programs, it is important… Read More

California Relapse Prevention

Table of Contents Dangers of California RelapsePreventing Relapse in CaliforniaRelapse Help for California Addicts To really get the full benefits of addiction treatment in California, and to come away with as many tools in their tool belt as possible to support a sober life, a patient needs to engage in all of the phases of… Read More