woman packing her bag preparing for Alaska rehab

Preparing for Treatment in Alaska

Some patients in Alaska rehab know how to navigate it due to prior experience. Many, however, are newcomers to rehab and do not know what preparing for treatment in Alaska entails. Certain questions like what to expect from inpatient rehabilitation or even simply what to bring to drug rehab may throw them for a loop. In rare cases, some people use their lack of treatment experience as an excuse to put off going to treatment at all. There is no need for this sort of thing when you know what to expect from Alaska addiction treatment before you enter. Go in prepared, and you will come out on the other side much better for it.

What to Bring to Alaska Rehab

Before deciding what to bring to rehab, you might want to contact your Alaska addiction treatment facility for a bit of information. Do they provide linens, bedding and laundry detergent? If not, how much should you bring? Will you be able to buy things such as toiletries and hygiene products from the store, or will you need to bring enough to last you through treatment? These questions can save you a lot of frustration. If you forget to ask, you might finish preparing for treatment in Alaska with the belief that you have everything despite having forgotten quite a bit.

While you’re asking questions, be sure to ask if they allow electronic devices or if you will need books to fill your downtime. Ask about optional activities as well, such as experiential therapy and holistic treatment. Certain activities, such as outdoor hikes through the mountains, may alter your decisions on what to bring to Alaska rehab.

One activity for which you should prepare is journaling. Whether doing the work required by a 12-step program or assigned to you as part of your behavioral therapy, you should consider keeping all written work in a single journal or notebook. Some non-AA programs suggest taking personal inventory as well, so keep this in mind before deciding not to bring anything along these lines.

A few other considerations should be made when preparing for treatment in Alaska. Which part of the state will you be residing in for the duration of your treatment? What time of year will you be there? If you’re from Alaska, then you already know quite well what you need to bring. Out-of-state patients, however, will need to do some research on what type of clothing they need for the season during which they will be attending treatment.

What to Expect from Alaska Drug Rehab

Regardless of the amount of time you spend preparing for treatment in Alaska, certain aspects of Alaska addiction treatment may take you by surprise. For instance, since many Alaska rehabs struggle with high intake rates, you may not even receive an admission date on your first phone call. It is an unfortunate reality that many Alaska drug rehab facilities must put their patients on a wait list. Furthermore, things might change after you arrive. Some people intend to receive inpatient rehabilitation services only, then decide during treatment that they would benefit from seeking outpatient services as well. This affects what to bring to rehab, as well as the mental preparation that must go into accepting the need for a longer stay.

In other words, you should know beforehand what type of program you intend to pursue. Long-term treatment is generally beneficial, as it means more access to individual and group therapy. It also allows recovering addicts and alcoholics to benefit from a better sense of community with the support network they built during treatment. Some mental and emotional preparation will be required in this case, since the patient is making the tough decision to temporarily leave their home life behind for the sake of their long-term well-being.

No matter what, try to seek a facility that follows the principles of effective treatment outlined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is a waste of your time to undertake the process of preparing for treatment in Alaska if you are not going to a facility that offers individualized care with medical supervision, mental health treatment and access to multiple stages of treatment. If you cannot find an Alaska addiction treatment center that meets these needs, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Preparing for Alaska Addiction Treatment

Hopefully, you have taken the above into account and have chosen your treatment facility. If not, then this will be the last major step of preparing for treatment in Alaska. Depending on the type of program you are able to find there, you may also wish to identify a few alternatives. Many addicts and alcoholics in Alaska leave home to seek Washington addiction treatment or California addiction treatment. This gets them away from the environment in which they struggled with addiction, also allowing them to bypass the wait lists at many Alaska drug rehabs.

Those seeking alternatives to Alaska rehab might consider one of Aspire Health Network’s facilities. Patients at Aspire Treatment Center will still receive the same quality care they might receive at an Alaska treatment center, without the wait. Additionally, our family-focused program will work to resolve your internal conflicts while also helping you secure a more stable life for yourself at home. Through our individualized and comprehensive approach to treatment, you will discover a program of action that works to help you establish and maintain long-term sobriety.

Preparing for Alaska rehab takes some time, so be sure to look at all of your options first. If you need more information on Alaska addiction treatment or out-of-state alternatives, you can contact us with any and all questions you need answered. We’ll help you figure out what you need to get started on your recovery as soon as possible.