Oregon Relapse Prevention

How to Prevent Relapse in Oregon

Patients who enter Oregon addiction treatment will typically opt to undergo multiple phases of care. A full treatment continuum generally ends with outpatient and aftercare services. Choosing to continue receiving services at this level ensures that patients receive extended resources, primarily centered on relapse prevention therapy. Given the inherent dangers of using after any significant period of abstinence, Oregon relapse prevention programs are an important component of the overall treatment process. Those who fail to maintain a strong program of recovery may risk losing much more than their sobriety date. In the worst cases, relapse often leads to loss of life.

Dangers of Oregon Relapse

Those with experience in recovery know how commonly overdose can lead to death. During active addiction, substance users experience an increase in tolerance that causes them to need more of their chosen substance. They become accustomed to using a certain amount, and many will attempt to use in similar quantities when they relapse. Since their tolerance will inevitably decrease in sobriety, this leaves them vulnerable to complications.

Making matters worse, the most popular substances among patients in Oregon drug rehab facilities are incredibly dangerous. Those in the greatest need of Oregon relapse prevention are generally those addicted to prescription painkillers, heroin, or methamphetamine. An Oregon drug threat survey published in 2018 noted that meth led to 202 out of 287 fatalities in 2015. Heroin was present in 107 cases, suggesting that at least some Oregon overdose deaths resulted from mixing the two drugs. The report did not account for prescription opioid overdose deaths in 2015, although reported 139 such fatalities the year prior. Relevant CDC data placed this figure slightly lower at 137, yet also showed it rising to 150 by the following year.

Note that no available statistics account for the number of Oregon overdose deaths caused by relapse. Nonetheless, Oregon relapse prevention should be recognized for its life-saving potential. Between the clear dangers of Oregon addiction and the dangers of using at reduced tolerance levels, relapse is a very real threat to the user’s well-being. Oregon relapse prevention programs, when utilized properly, can keep recovering addicts from making a mistake they won’t be able to take back. Those seeking Oregon addiction treatment should therefore focus their efforts on facilities with a strong focus on long-term sobriety.

Preventing Relapse in Oregon

Oregon relapse prevention includes several components. Those receiving aftercare services will usually continue to participate in cognitive behavioral therapy. They will also be encouraged to seek healthy activities on their own that improve their sense of purpose. Perhaps most importantly, they will need to seek social support through other members of their recovery community. The more people they can lean on for support, the easier it will be for them to overcome temptations when they arise. This is another reason for seeking outpatient services.

Given the high stakes involved, those seeking Oregon relapse prevention should want nothing but the best available. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be difficult to acquire at an actual Oregon drug rehab. A large number of Oregon addiction treatment facilities currently find themselves booked up. Oregon is not the biggest state, and not all drug rehabs in Oregon have enough beds to accommodate the large number of prospective patients who wish to partake of their services.

To get around this, many would-be Oregon addiction treatment patients seek out programs in other states. They still look for the same high level of care they would receive at an Oregon addiction treatment center, but they seek it in a location where there are fewer connections to their addiction. This improves their ability to run their own Oregon relapse prevention program when they return home. Since they are undergoing the bulk of their treatment at a distance from former drug dealers and drinking establishments, they are less tempted to relapse in early recovery. By the time they come home, preventing relapse in Oregon is second nature to them.

Relapse Help for Oregon Addicts

If you or a loved one is searching for Oregon relapse prevention, Aspire Health Network is here to assist you. Preventing relapse in Oregon may be difficult due to certain limitations of the state, but we can provide relapse help for Oregon addicts while removing them from their old environment and placing them in an atmosphere of recovery.

One of our best programs for Oregon addiction treatment is offered at First Choice Detox. Those who use the dangerous substances found to be common among Oregon addicts will receive high-quality detoxification and withdrawal services before moving into further levels of care. With each phase of treatment, our clients will be able to double down on their Oregon relapse prevention efforts. Many find themselves able to stand on their own two feet by the time they return home to Oregon. Others choose to stay in the area, using their California addiction treatment community as a new family of recovering peers who help them when they need it most.

For more information on our programs and how we specialize in providing relapse help for Oregon addicts, contact us today at 844-278-2919 with any questions you may have.