detoxing from opiate addiction Alaska during pregnancy

Detoxing During Pregnancy

The opiate addiction Alaska problem has caused many Alaskans to seek professional help for their addiction. One such group of people living in or near Alaska are pregnant women. Pregnant women have a much harder time detoxing safely from drugs and alcohol due to hormonal changes and cravings, as well as concern for the safety of their unborn child. Strong urges to escape their current mental state are common and hard to overcome.

Detox to Protect the Baby

Detoxing during pregnancy can be a challenge while dealing with an opiate addiction Alaska. This is why it is so important to educate yourself on the lexicon of information available for those wishing to detox safely from drugs and alcohol while pregnant to protect both yourself and your unborn child.

Complications can arise during the first trimester which make it imperative to detox completely off of opioids while pregnant as soon as possible. Damage to the fetus and other complications can result from as much as taking one painkiller or drinking one too many glasses of wine. When ingesting opioids, oxygen is cut off to the fetus and places both mother and unborn child in harms way.

Detox to Protect Yourself

What makes a newly sober pregnancy so difficult is the desire to still take opioids, regardless of the consequences. It’s hard enough to detox from opioids due to the intense obsessive thoughts about getting high, coupled with physical dependence. Throw pregnancy on top of that and it’s a double whammy.

Those who are pregnant know they shouldn’t be taking opioids. But with drug addiction, making rational decisions are seldom the norm. Drug addicts will find it difficult to control their urges to take opioids no matter what the consequences are. This is why it’s so important to be in a controlled setting in order to come off the opiate addiction Alaska. A safe place like a medical detox or licensed treatment center will make it easier to avoid temptation to use again.

The more days you live sober, the more of a chance you have at maintaining sobriety. If someone who is pregnant checks into a detox center, the first week may be the most trying, especially when coming off of opiates in particular. Once the pregnant person is through the first week, however, maintaining sobriety will become much easier. Committing to a therapeutic detox is the best bet for the safety of both mother and child.

How to Address Opiate Addiction Alaska

Stopping opioid use cold turkey can alter brain chemistry dramatically. While pregnant, this type of alteration can be fatal to the health of an unborn child. Letting medical professionals ease you into sobriety by implementing precautionary measures can make the difference between life and death. Knowing how to address cravings and mental obsessions will be best met in a controlled setting with licensed and caring staff.

Don’t fight addiction alone. The statistics of increased overdose rates in Alaska have shown the need to get professional help. Opioids are hard enough to detox from without experiencing tremendous discomfort. Let leading experts and clinicians ease your suffering. Contact us today for more information by calling (844) 338-5046 and get the answers to your questions. Our compassionate team of counselors are standing by 24/7 to take your call.