Ongoing Support After Treatment

At our treatment centers, we don’t want clients to feel as if they’ve been abandoned the moment they receive their discharge certificate. To any extent that they can continue to make use of our services, we want them to feel comfortable doing so. Many former clients continue to check in with their therapists, and they are able to request character letters or any other supportive documents that might help with legal issues and other concerns. Clients at our facilities should always be able to feel like they have been part of a true recovery community, and our ongoing support helps them to achieve that very feeling.

Involving Local Communities

The staff at each of our treatment centers maintains a deep involvement with their local community. Clients who choose to stay in the area should not be afraid to ask for tips on local businesses that might be hiring, possible sponsor candidates, quality support meetings or other resources that might benefit their ongoing recovery. Our staff works hard to make sure that their communities understand the importance of our work, the result being that many locals both in and out of recovery are more than willing to help others in need. Furthermore, we maintain good relationships with licensed therapists and other professionals who can help our former clients maintain a program of ongoing care. Those who utilize our treatment centers will find that the end of treatment is by faronly the beginning of their recovery journey.

Encouraging Trust in Others

If clients are to make use of our ongoing support and community involvement, they will have to put their trust in the recommendations of others. At our treatment centers, such as Canyon View, one of the recovery tools we emphasize is a sense of fellowship. Nobody recovers alone. When we first leave treatment, we often need help getting on our feet. There’s nothing wrong with asking for it now and then. Many of the staff members at our treatment centers have been through recovery themselves, and they are well aware of how difficult the first few chapters can be. Fortunately, you’ll remain in good hands. Between the staff, the community, and the sense of fellowship we encourage between our clients, those who use our services will never find themselves lacking in support.