Addiction to drugs and alcohol has been an increasing issue in the state of North Dakota, throughout the United States as a whole country, and throughout the wider world as a whole. In short, humans have a big problem with drug and alcohol addiction because it is killing in huge numbers right now. Infact, the numbers have never been of more concern than they are these days. Drug related deaths have quickly become one of the most substantial causes of accidental deaths throughout the big cities and little towns of North Dakota — throughout the lesser populated states like North Dakota, and all the way to the densely populated places like New York in the wider United States. One part of the reason for this problem is the way in which drugs are becoming so much easier to find. Intoxicating substances like alcohol, heroin, cocaine, are everywhere and available to any North Dakotan who chooses to go looking for them, regardless of what county they live in. With the deadly truth of the problem of drug and alcohol addiction overdose deaths looming over us, one thing is crystal clear, North Dakota is in absolute need of excellent, comprehensive addiction recovery treatment and those programs need to be just as available as the drugs that North Dakota people are dying from.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

  • Commonly Used Substances in North Dakota – The collective conscious of drug and alcohol addiction have a tendency to popularize different substances on a national scale or on a topographical regional scale rather than sticking to any type of legal state or county boundaries. This makes sense because the distribution of substances generally has more to do with topographical boundaries such as mountains or bodies of water. Even though this is true, it is still constructive to seek a deeper comprehension of the common intoxicants being used in North Dakota in the hopes of using that information so that treatment facilities and government institutions can cooperatively work together to better manage the devastating drug epidemic before us.
  • Substance Abuse Statistics of North Dakota– it is almost always a little bit difficult to be enthusiastic about wading through statistics but, again, understanding more about drug and alcohol intake in North Dakota, from the studies and research being done on the substances and how they affect communities within the Peace Garden State. The research and the understanding of these studies is vital to ensure hopeful outcomes as we try to better these different struggles affecting our communities in North Dakota: mental illness, adolescent drinking or drug use, suicide, crime, neglect, trauma, or abuse and how each of these different aspects of life in North Dakota affects the drug addicts among us.
  • The Causes of Addiction in North Dakota – Though it has not always been the case, these days we know that scientifically, addiction is an intricate chronic disease and not at all a choice someone makes. In the same way that asthma never really goes away but might go into remission as someone gets older, addiction can also go into remission, but it is always under the surface and with the right circumstances will reappear. Drug or alcohol addiction is just this way. Given this information we must ask, how do people acquire or develop this chronic illness? How do people develop a chemical dependence and psychological addiction? Is it something that comes from a genetic handing down of the disease? Or maybe it is more of an environmental element creating the ailment?
  • What is The Status of Opioids in North Dakota?Prescription medications like oxycontin, vicodin, or codeine, heroin, fentanyl, and other opioids, have saturated the markets in the North Dakota pharmacies and on the streets. These narcotics are easily and readily available in particular because so many of the drugs are acquired through a pain prescription from the person’s trusted physician. Citizens of The Peace Garden State are struggling with opioid addiction more than ever.  But even though opioid addiction is very dangerous, there is hope in drug addiction recovery treatment.
  • How Do Methamphetamines Affect North Dakotan Citizens? – Even though Meth has become less of a household name than it used to be in the past, a less commonly talked about drug after opioids started taking the spotlight and running our headlines, there is still a market for meth on the streets, and it is still a very dangerous substance. In fact the drug has become even easier to find, cheaper to buy, and more potent than ever before. Meth can cause some very problematic symptoms including a persistent heightened state of energy, almost a mania, that can if abused too much turn into a disturbing and frightening psychosis. This is a drug that should never be underestimated. And since it has become more potent it is even more dangerous than ever.
  • Make No Mistake, Cocaine Is Still Around In North DakotaCocaine, like meth, is another substance that used to mean a lot more to people. The name used to command a lot more power in the hierarchy of illicit drugs but because of the opioid problems that have been troubling North Dakota and the rest of the world, cocaine has slipped from the public conversation. However, there is reason to believe that cocaine, like meth, is back and becoming yet again, a rising problem for addicts across the state.

Recovery Treatment

  • A Tiered Approach to Addiction Recovery Treatment in North Dakota – When an addict researches recovery treatment they will find that the best North Dakota addiction treatment centers build their strategies around creating individualized treatment plans, plans that can be shaped and changed depending on the specific needs of the individual patient through a tiered form of treatment. This kind of treatment strategy is created with a few different steps of treatment in mind, such as detox, rehab, and relapse prevention aftercare. Though detox and rehab are the only steps that most people think of, relapse prevention is just as vital as both detox and rehab.
  • North Dakota Detoxification – After taking the very courageous steps of admitting to themselves that they have an addiction and then asking for help, the next step in recovery for an addict is detoxification. Detox is the first step in the tiered addiction recovery treatment system. In detox someone will come off of the drug they have been taking and abstain from taking it and while doing so allow the toxin they have been taking in to purge from their bodies. They will likely experience some variance of any number of withdrawal symptoms. Some folks try to do this at home, but doing it without the supervision of a medical staff at a detox facility can prove to be a treacherous undertaking and at best lead to an unsuccessful detox where the addict does not successfully detox, and at worst lead to death.  A dedicated medical staff can monitor an addicts vitals and wellbeing as they deal with the difficulty of withdrawal.
  • North Dakota Rehabilitation – After an addict goes through the process of detoxification comes the next step in drug and alcohol recovery treatment, rehabilitation. Rehab is almost always is designed around some kind of behavioral therapy along with other kinds of programs that are intending to instill the important life skills and self confidence that addicts need in order to go back into their daily lives and not only survive, but actually thrive.
  • North Dakota Relapse Prevention – Relapse prevention is a form of care that happens after someone has gone through both detox and rehab programs. It is a sort of superseding care that can be found through a treatment facility, a 12 step program, or any sort of continuing therapy. Relapse prevention is often the difference between life or death for so many people since relapses are so often the moment in an addict’s life that fatal overdose occurs.  Because drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease consistent therapeutic treatment is necessary for anyone diagnosed with substance use disorder.
  • Choosing a North Dakota Treatment Program – In North Dakota, like in so many states in the United States and indeed, all over the world, there is a desperate need for affordable and easily accessible comprehensive and individualized treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. It can be difficult to know what to look for when approaching treatment but there are some standard aspects of treatment that every addict should look for when deciding on what their treatment will look like and where that rehabilitation will take place.
  • Preparing for Treatment in North Dakota –  Taking the necessary steps to admit that a person has an addiction and then taking the steps to actually seek out help for that addiction is a heroic action no matter who you are. It is vulnerable and scary and the person has to exhibit a substantial amount of honest self reflection and true courage, not to mention some amount of hope and motivation. But after that moment has occurred and someone has lined up some form of addiction recovery treatment, how do they prepare for the actuality of going to the treatment facility and what they should they expect when they arrive there?