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Affordable Long Term Drug Rehab

Do I Need Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Addiction to any substance is a chronic condition that is not easily recovered from. Discontinuing the use of drugs or alcohol isn’t always enough to truly help an individual overcome what drove them to substance abuse in the first place. Addiction treatment usually provides professional care and treatment that is focused and often tailored to the patient’s needs. Long term rehab treatment options, programs that usually take 120 to 180 days or possibly longer, can drastically help treat severe drug or alcohol addictions by nature. They provide intensive rehab treatment over a longer period of time that gives patients better odds at actually kicking their addiction the first time and maintaining their newly acquired sobriety.

Depending on the severity and duration of your addiction, long term drug rehab could be your most effective treatment option.

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What Is Long Term Drug Treatment?

Most addiction treatment plans are broken out into different stages. Typically, a treatment program will start with medically assisted detoxification to help the individual’s body overcome any physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Next, the patient would go through various therapies and activities prescribed by their doctor to help them find and understand the root of their addiction. Once a patient has completed their time at rehab, there are outpatient treatment options to support patients’ transition back to their normal lives and after-rehab support services.

Treatment approaches vary between different doctors and rehab centers. You’ll get different treatment from an inpatient rehab center than an outpatient one. And while treatment durations often vary, outpatient services are usually shorter term while inpatient treatment options range from 30 days to upwards of 90 days.

This treatment approach works well for individuals with severe or long time addictions as well as dually diagnosed patients. Residential treatment centers can also provide treatment for teens and young adults with drug or alcohol addiction issues.

Highly structured long term rehab programs in therapeutic communities typically last 6 to 12 compared to the 1 to 3 month short-term inpatient programs commonly advertised. Long-term rehab is usually recommended for people with recovery challenges or extreme cases as part of a more standard, shorter-term inpatient or residential rehab program. It’s also recommended for people who have already experienced multiple relapses or other treatment-related difficulties following the completion of a previous inpatient treatment program.

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Residential Rehab Treatment Options

Residential treatment centers typically start programs with a detox process, during which the addicted person stops drinking alcohol or abusing drugs in order to rid their body of the physical dependency aspect of addiction. Depending on the substance that was abused, an individual may go through varying degrees of medically assisted detox and drug replacement therapy until their detox process is complete.

Detox treatment programs are used to combat potentially serious acute withdrawal symptoms while an individual’s system adjusts to functioning without the substance it’s become dependent on. The detox process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to set in, and sometimes takes weeks or months to complete. Additional mental and physical health concerns can also affect the duration of the detox process.

Successful completion of detox alone rarely guarantees lasting recovery, due to the psychological and behavioral nature of addiction. Patients will usually continue with some form of ongoing therapy as part of their rehab process that will begin or resume after detox is complete. During this stage, patients will go through a variety of long-term therapeutic techniques, such as:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational interviewing and coaching
  • Family therapy
  • Peer-to-peer group therapy
  • Contingency management therapy
  • Individual-focused therapy
  • One on one therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Patients are taught to utilize CBT techniques to modify their behaviors and mindset toward drug abuse. CBT helps patients identify situations that put them at a greater risk of relapsing and is also used in conjunction with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) techniques when necessary. Combining the two can often increase treatment effectiveness and encourage patients to stick with their treatment plans, better their chances of long term recovery after rehab. Cognitive behavioral therapies are usually performed by resident or on-call psychologists or counselors on the treatment center campus.

Contingency Management

Contingency management is used to encourage positive behaviors and actions, such as maintaining sobriety or completing specific tasks. It’s most commonly thought of as a reward or incentive system, which may include tangible incentives of some kind as a reward for passing a drug test. Sometimes these rewards include things like gift cards, vouchers, personal items, or activity passes. It’s known to be highly effective in regards to encouraging sober living habits and keeping individuals focused and participating in their treatment.

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Finding the Right Long-Term Rehab

There are many long-term rehab options available across the country. It can be difficult to narrow down the right center for your needs and situation. Many facilities specialize in multiple areas, but some are more focused and specifically work with treating individual age groups, genders, demographics, etc. Substance abuse treatment can be highly effective if done properly and studies show that long term drug rehab treatment can be highly effective and support long term success in recovery.

Finding the right long term rehab doesn’t have to be difficult. We can make it easier on you, so that you can focus on taking control of your life again.

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Drug or alcohol addiction is a disease that significantly affects a person’s physical and mental health. Not all approaches to treatment are appropriate for everyone because substance abuse affects all people differently. But if you or a loved one need help overcoming your addiction, Addiction Treatment Services is here to help you find the treatment center capable of providing the addiction recovery services you need. Our support specialists are available 24/7, so call us whenever you decide to take that first step. We’ll review your insurance free of charge and match you with the best rehab center for your unique situation.

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