At Aspire Health Network, we make it our mission to help people who are seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment get into a personalized and effective treatment program. By contacting us, you’ll be taking advantage of our industry experience and we’ll help you get the addiction treatment you need. When you contact us, we’ll start by verifying your United Healthcare insurance coverage, explaining your benefits, and helping you understand the treatment options available to you.

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Understanding How  Your United Healthcare Coverage Relates to Rehab Treatment

We often get asked how people can actually apply their United Healthcare coverage so that the potential costs associated with rehab treatment are covered. While contacting United Healthcare directly to ask a insurance representative questions about their different services or the types of rehabilitation treatments you may be covered for won’t always yield worthwhile results. You’re more likely to get useful information from treatment centers and networks that have extensive experience working with United Healthcare, like we do.

There are often people who call us completely unaware of their substance abuse and mental health benefits and how they are very different from the general health benefits of their policy. Sometimes people aren’t sure whether they have an HMO or a PPO, which makes a big difference in what their insurance will cover and their potential out-of-pocket expenses.

Another important point to understand with UnitedHealthcare is that some of their policies have a Medicare-based Maximum Non-Network Reimbursement Program (MNRP) for drug and alcohol rehab treatment coverage. It’s vital to know if you have an MNRP on your policy, because your drug and alcohol rehab coverage will be reduced to Medicare rates. This will greatly impact your ability to receive coverage for treatment compared to a non-MNRP policy.

Whether you have UnitedHealthcare insurance individually or through your employer, it’s important to understand that your substance abuse and mental health benefits are very different than your general health plan. Because of this, we tell United Healthcare policyholders that if your policy references addiction issues and treatment that it is a PPO and doesn’t have the MNRP in it.

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When you contact Aspire Health Network, here are the first steps we’ll take:

  • We’ll review your United Healthcare insurance plan
  • Find out if you’re covered for substance abuse and addiction treatment
  • Figure out what treatment types are covered by your insurance (inpatient, outpatient, dual diagnosis, etc.)
  • Help you determine the best treatment plan for your situation and how much of those costs will be covered by your insurance policy

That said, just like any other healthcare provider, nobody can guarantee the approval or denial of benefits when claims are made. People often assume that because their insurance says a certain percentage of coverage is included, then that’s what will be covered (plus their co-pay)

Other United Healthcare Insurance Benefits

Most United policyholders accidentally overlook the full potential of their insurance coverage, so it’s not surprise that people don’t always know about the additional resources their insurance provider may have for them. United Healthcare, for example, has online and mobile app resources available for their policyholders’ conveniences. At Aspire, we encourage our clients to make full use of the insurance benefits, seeing as they are paying for them. Whether you have started, completed, or are just now considering getting treatment for your addiction, there could be perks to your insurance policy that you’re missing out on.

Over on United Healthcare’s website, policyholders and customers can find nearby in-network healthcare providers and physicians, print ID cards, view their claims, estimate the costs of a procedure, and much more. The website also gives United’s customers access to tons of healthy living resources including recipes, advice for keeping control over your health and healthcare, and even fitness and nutrition tips.

United also has two free smartphone apps (including one for students) that way their customers can manage their healthcare more easily.

We’ll Help You Use Your United Healthcare Insurance for Rehab Treatment

Call Aspire Health Network today to get started on your path towards sobriety. We’ll figure out what of your rehab treatment will be covered by your insurance and match you to the appropriate center so that your treatment needs are met.

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