Aspire Health Network helps those trying to find a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. When you call, we’ll verify your insurance coverage, explain your benefits, and help you understand which treatment options are available to you. Then we’ll help you choose a treatment center that will meet your needs.

If UMR is your insurance claims processor and you’re looking for a treatment program for drug and/or alcohol abuse, Aspire Health Network can help. We work with people who are seeking an affordable yet effective and personalized drug or alcohol addiction treatment program.

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UMR is a third-party administrator that helps manage claims for other companies to make sure they’re handled properly. If you have UMR coverage, then it usually means your company is self-insured and has partnered with UMR to administer policies, process all insurance claims, and process payments.

UMR is not an insurance company itself, rather a branch of one of the country’s largest insurers, UnitedHealthcare. If you actually have UnitedHealthcare, not UMR, and are seeking drug and alcohol abuse rehab treatment services, click here.

Understanding How UMR

Many who have UMR as their insurance claims processor have excellent behavioral health benefits that include multiple types of treatment services in the substance abuse and mental health fields.

Rehab Options that are likely available to you as a UMR member include:

  • Medical Detoxification Centers
  • Inpatient/Residential Treatment (30, 60, 90 day, etc.)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Regular Outpatient Programs (as well as Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization)

Other UMR Perks & Benefits

As a UMR member you can take advantage of services offered through the company’s website to do things like:

  • Find an approved health care provider
  • Locate medical and dental claim forms
  • Access helpful tools and resources (such as a flex expense calculator)

UMR’s website also offers members access to the online version of the company’s “Healthy You” magazine, which can help you with things like:

  • Getting care and treatment
  • Heath and wellness guidance
  • Nutrition tips and recipes
  • Tools and resources available only to UMR members

We’ll Help You Use Your Insurance for Rehab Treatment

Call Aspire Health Network today to find out what of your rehab treatment will be covered by your insurance. We will match you to the appropriate treatment center that can meet your addiction recovery needs.

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