At Aspire Health Network, one of our goals is to help people just like you find the drug and alcohol rehab treatment that not only fits your unique situation, but is also covered by your PHCS insurance policy. Since different treatment centers can have a unique array of treatments available and insurance coverage for rehab treatment can vary greatly by policy, knowing whether or not your insurance will cover addiction treatment services can be tricky. We can verify your insurance coverage, explain your benefits, and help you understand the treatment options available to you that are covered by your insurance.

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Understanding PHCS Insurance and Rehab Coverage

PHCS has helped many policyholders get the addiction rehab and mental health treatment they need, and have even covered all of a patient’s expenses in some cases. People often assume that their insurance won’t cover drug and alcohol rehab, but that usually isn’t the case.

Making sure you fully understand the treatment options that may be available to you is important for your sobriety and overall health goals. Our seasoned professionals will thoroughly explain what your insurance covers and which of our treatment centers will be available given your coverage and treatment needs.

How Will Aspire Help Me Use My PHCS Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Making the choice to seek help for a drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult enough without trying to make sense of a complicated insurance policy at the same time. Aspire can make understanding your insurance coverage and rehab treatment options easier for you. Our specialists are standing by to help you find out just how much your insurance will cover and what treatment plans will be the most effective given your unique situation.

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Here are some of the first steps we’ll take to help you get started towards treatment:

  • Review your PHCS insurance policy
  • Determine your coverage details for drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Figure out what types and levels of treatment are available to you, and how much is covered by your insurance
  • Help you determine which treatment center will work best for your needs

Making sense of all your insurance coverage details and benefits can be confusing and sometimes frustrating as well. Aspire will help you wrap your head around the fine print and benefits of your PHCS insurance policy that way you have a solid understanding of what treatment costs will and won’t be covered under insurance. We’ll also help you figure out what to expect if you’re likely to have out-of-pocket costs.

Thankfully addiction treatment is classified as an illness for most insurance providers, so you should be able to use your PHCS insurance benefits to cover some or all of the common addiction treatment programs, including:

  • Inpatient rehab
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient treatment programs
  • Long-term recovery programs
  • Short-term recovery programs
  • Various therapy options
  • Detoxification programs

When you call and give us your insurance information, we’ll help you verify what programs are covered under your insurance policy.

We Can Help You Use Your PHCS Insurance for Addiction Rehab Coverage

Don’t waste another second worrying about whether or not your insurance will cover the addiction treatment you or your loved one needs. Call us today so we can help you find out exactly what treatment options are available given your insurance coverage and answer any of your questions about using your PHCS insurance for drug and alcohol rehab.

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