Here at Aspire Health Network, it’s our goal to help those seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment by helping them understand their treatment options and insurance coverage. When you give us a call, we’ll go over your Oxford insurance policy in depth, explain your benefits, and help you understand what treatment options are available to you.

Oxford is a branch of United Healthcare that is specifically localized to cover New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Many policyholders find that their Oxford insurance plans are transferable with United Healthcare’s insurance networks in other states, should they moved across the country. This cluster of United Healthcare branches can provide insurance within and throughout its different brands, which gives customers and policyholders the potential to have access to more and better options when seeking the best insurance plan for their situation.

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Understanding Your Oxford Health Insurance

Thankfully for those seeking addiction treatment, Oxford has a specific department for handling services that fall within the Behavioral Health category (such as addiction), but that also means they’re experienced with treating for mental health issues as well, which is a big benefit for dual diagnosis patients. This department focuses in mental health treatment services and substance abuse treatment, among other behavioral health issues, but knowing that there is a team dedicated to this sort of insurance coverage within your insurance company is a huge perk.

With any insurance provider, including Oxford, it’s important to understand that your substance abuse and mental health benefits can vary greatly from your general health plan. We can help you understand the ins and outs so you know exactly what to expect of your coverage.

When you contact Aspire Health Network, here are the first steps we’ll take:

  • We’ll review your United Healthcare insurance plan
  • Find out if you’re covered for substance abuse and addiction treatment
  • Figure out what treatment types are covered by your insurance (inpatient, outpatient, dual diagnosis, etc.)
  • Help you determine the best treatment plan for your situation and how much of those costs will be covered by your insurance policy

Both United Healthcare and Oxford Health tend to be very good about covering addiction treatment services. Both maintain an evaluation scale when approaching those who need behavioral healthcare treatment and services. This scale will determine the level of care in regards to medical necessity, psychiatric need, drug and alcohol abuse needs, and other factors. That said, Oxford plans tend to cater to those in need of treatment for their drug or alcohol dependency by covering common programs such as detoxification, inpatient care, residential substance abuse treatment, partial hospitalization, outpatient care, intensive outpatient care, and other forms of medically assisted recovery.

As always, what’s covered by your insurance is dependent upon your unique policy.

Oxford may also cover many other drug and alcohol treatment options, like therapy programs, if needed. Oxford and United Healthcare have been associated with positive substance abuse and addiction recovery results. So you can achieve long term sobriety must more easily.

We’ll Help You Use Your Oxford Insurance for Rehab Treatment

Call Aspire today to get started learning about how much of your rehab treatment will be covered by insurance and to let us help you choose the treatment center that’s will best meet your needs.

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