Here at Aspire Health Network, we’ve made it our goal to help people just like you find the drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that will meet their need. We also want to make sure the treatment center you choose accepts your Magellan Health Services insurance coverage for the type and duration of treatment you’re seeking. When you call us, we’ll verify your insurance coverage for rehab treatment, explain your benefits to you in detail, and help you understand the treatment options are available and covered by your insurance.

Luckily for Magellan policyholders, any Magellan Health Services includes their LifeResources coverage, which will pay for at least part of any drug or alcohol rehabilitation program that has been deemed necessary via Magellan’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). So it could be beneficial to contact an EAP representative at Magellan while you start looking into treatment, but your treatment center may do that for you as well.

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Understanding Rehab Treatment With Magellan Insurance

Magellan insurance coverage for rehab treatment will vary based on your plan, even though all plans include their Employee Assistance Program and LifeResources coverage. Even with those perks, treatment coverage has to be deemed necessary for Magellan to cover it, but typically Magellan will cover up to two 28-day inpatient facility treatments per year and outpatient coverage costs up to $3,500, but only after the private counseling process required to assess treatment needs.

Once the type and levels of care you need are determined, you’ll be able to find out what will be covered under insurance. Typically luxury services are not deemed medically necessary, which could raise out-of-pocket expenses for you if you’d like to have access to those services. Otherwise, all medically necessary inpatient treatment is usually 100% covered by Magellan if they approve your claim.g

Outpatient treatment coverage is similar, so long as you stay in network, except there’s usually a 10% copay if you’re at an in network facility. That raises to 50% if you’re out of network.

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How Will Using My Magellan Insurance for Rehab Work?

Choosing to seek rehab treatment can be stressful, whether that treatment is for your own or a loved one. At Aspire, we want to help make things as easy as possible so you can find the treatment you’re seeking. Our experienced specialists are standing by to help you find out just how much your insurance will cover and what treatment plan is best suited for your situation.

We’ll start helping you by:

  • Thoroughly reviewing your Magellan Health Services insurance policy
  • Determining if you are covered for drug and alcohol abuse treatment
  • Determining what kind and levels of treatment you may need, how much is covered by your insurance, and how you can get your needs assessed by Magellan
  • Identifying the treatment centers will work best with your policy


Understanding the details and fine print of your insurance policy can be confusing even when you aren’t trying to change your life. Aspire Health Network will explain your Magellan insurance policy so that you have a better understanding of what to expect while seeking treatment. We’ll also make sure you know what you can expect if you end up with some out-of-pocket expenses for treatment.

Making sure you fully understand the treatment options available to you is important to us, since it can impact your journey towards sobriety and other health goals. We will thoroughly explain your insurance and treatment options to you so you don’t have to tackle this process alone.

We Can Help You Use Your Magellan Insurance to the Fullest

Determining what is actually covered under insurance can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when you’re trying to find the treatment center that will suit your addiction recovery needs. Aspire Health Network can help you find out exactly what treatment options are available to you and answer any questions you have about using your Magellan insurance for rehab treatment.

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