At Aspire Health Network, we can help you find a substance abuse treatment center that helps those trying to find a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that will accept your GEHA insurance for the substance abuse treatment services you need. When you call us, we’ll verify your insurance coverage, explain your benefits, and help you understand the treatment options that are both available to you and are covered by your insurance.

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Understanding Your GEHA Insurance

It’s likely that your GEHA insurance policy covers the cost of a detoxification program, but how much of your rehab treatment could be covered by insurance varies by policy. Some GEHA policies only cover alcohol detox treatment, while others cover all types of substance detox and rehab treatment options.

Once you’ve completed a detox program, you’ll likely also need to go through inpatient and/or outpatient treatment to some degree. GEHA Health Plans sometimes cover you for inpatient care, outpatient treatment, or sometimes both.

Several factors determine whether you’re covered for rehab treatment and how much you’ll be approved or. If you have a GEHA High Options Benefits plan, you’ll likely be covered for rehab treatment. The type of facility you attempt to go to can also influence your coverage odds.

How Will Using My GEHA Insurance for Rehab Work?

Choosing to seek drug or alcohol addiction treatment can be difficult enough, whether you’re looking into treatment for yourself of a loved one. At Aspire, we want to help make things easy for you so you can get the treatment you need. Our experienced specialists are standing by to help you find out just how much your insurance will cover and what treatment plan is best suited for your unique situation.

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When you contact us, some of the tasks we’ll handle for you include:

  • Thoroughly review your GEHA health insurance policy
  • Determining whether you’re covered for drug and alcohol abuse treatment
  • Determining what types and intensity levels of treatment you may need, and how of that will be covered by your insurance
  • Identify the treatment centers will work best with your policy

Understanding the details and fine print of your insurance coverage can be confusing and frustrating. Aspire Health Network will explain your GEHA policy that way you have a better understanding of what will and won’t be covered by your insurance. We’ll also make sure you know what to expect if you end up having out of pocket costs.

Making sure you fully understand the options available to you is important for your sobriety and overall health goals. Our seasoned professionals will thoroughly explain what your insurance covers and help you choose the treatment center and recovery program that’s best for you.

We’ll Help You Make the Most Out of Your GEHA Health Insurance

Call us and let us help you take control of your rehab needs. We can give you the information you need to stop worrying about your insurance covering treatment for the rehab treatment you need. We’ll help you find out exactly what treatment options are available to you and answer any of your questions so that you or your loved one can get into a GEHA-accepting treatment center and get started working towards your recovery.

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