Aspire Health Network offers assistance for those looking for a drug addiction and alcoholism treatment center that accepts Aetna health insurance. We’ll verify your insurance coverage, help you understand your benefits and the treatment options available to you, then help you find the treatment center that will meet your specific needs. Many people are unaware of the ins and outs of their insurance policy, which means they may not know if their insurance provider has a great dual diagnosis program or a standard 90 day inpatient coverage benefit. Many people are unaware of the ins and outs of their insurance policy. This means they may not know the full extent of what their provider covers, such as a dual diagnosis program or a standard 90 day inpatient coverage benefit.

We’ll help you choose an alcohol and drug rehab center that will accept your Aetna insurance policy and help you get the most out of your available benefits. Calling Aetna’s customer service to get an explanation of benefits (EOB) and listing of network facilities won’t provide you the bigger picture of your rehab treatment options, but with our expertise, you’ll know exactly what treatment options are available to you.

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Aspire Health Network will:

  • Review your Aetna drug rehab insurance plan
  • Find out if you’re covered for drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Figure out what treatment types are covered by your insurance
  • What kind of treatment is best for you and how much of those costs will be covered by your insurance policy

We have years of experience working with insurance companies and rehabilitation centers and we’ve connected hundreds of people with their ideal treatment centers that accept their insurance, helping them keep their potential out of pocket expenses at a minimum where possible.

How Do Rehab Treatment Centers Work With Aetna?

Most people don’t know what types of treatment for substance abuse are available through their insurance plan or what mental health benefits might be available through their general health care coverage. Not even Aetna can guarantee which of your claims will be approved or denied, but our treatment centers have extensive experience working with your insurance provider usually know what claims are more likely to be approved.

At Aspire, we’ve found that Aetna insurance is one of the better insurance providers in regards to covering drug or alcohol abuse treatment, since Aetna tends to cover larger portions of treatment costs and allow for longer inpatient stays.

You can be assured that Aspire will only recommend the substance abuse rehabilitation centers that both meet our standards and your needs to the best of our abilities. We firmly believe in effective, personalized, client-centered treatment programs and our main goal is to help you understand which of our treatment centers will be best for your situation and what level of care you may need to overcome your addiction.

We know you’re looking for the least stressful path towards sobriety and taking the first step towards treating your addiction can be scary. Aspire Health Network will help you understand everything you need to know to prepare you for drug and alcohol rehab treatment.

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Other Aetna Insurance Benefits That May Impact You

Through their employee assistance program (EAP), Aetna could help you keep your job while you go through a treatment program for your drug and alcohol addiction. Aetna also has smartphone apps so you can get health and wellness info no matter where you are, which can help you keep track of medications, prescriptions, finding in-network health care providers, and more. Aetna’s website services allow policyholders to securely pay medical bills, check a claim, schedule a prescription refill, and look over their policy and coverage details.

We’ll Help You Use Your Aetna Benefits to Their Fullest

Aetna is one of the most client-friendly insurance providers, especially when it comes to those seeking addiction treatment. If you have Aetna health insurance and you’re looking for exemplary, personalized treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, we can help connect you with the most fitting addiction treatment center for your unique situation.

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