Drugs and alcohol abuse has been a rising issue for years across the united states, and the numbers have never been more dire than they are these days. Substance related deaths are becoming the leading cause of accidental deaths in both the big cities and little towns of Illinois, and of the wider United States. Drugs are easy enough to find. They’re available to anyone who goes looking for  them in Illinois, regardless of what county they live in, be it Cook County or Pike. With the deadly statistics one thing is clear, Illinois is in desperate need of good, comprehensive addiction recovery treatment.



  • The Most Commonly Used Substances in IllinoisDrugs have a tendency to trend nationally or regionally rather than sticking to any type of state boundary. Even so, it is functionally useful to look for a deeper comprehension around the common substances used in Illinois so that treatment centers and government bodies can appropriately work together to manage the drug epidemic.
  • Illinois Substance Abuse Statistics – It’s hard to get excited to read statistics sometimes, but knowing more about drug and alcohol abuse in illinois, from studies done to better these different issues crossing paths in big ways in Illinois: mental illness, adolescent drinking or drug use, suicide, crime, neglect, trauma, or abuse and how each affects the drug epidemic in Illinois.
  • Causes of Addiction in Illinois – Addiction is a complicated chronic ailment, the way asthma is a chronic disease.  How do individuals develop a chemical dependence and psychological addiction? Does it come from a genetic propensity toward the disease? Or perhaps there is there more of an environmental catalyst at play?
  • The Status of Opioids in IllinoisPrescription medications, heroin, fentanyl, among other opioids, have flooded the Illinois pharmacies and our streets. These drugs are easily and readily available especially since so many of the drugs are found in a pain prescription from the doctor. Citizens of The Land of Lincoln are suffering due to opioids more than ever.  But treatment is possible.
  • How Do Methamphetamine Affect Illinois – Even though Meth has become a less commonly talked about drug since opioids started making headlines more often, there is still a market for meth on the streets, and it is still a very dangerous substance.
  • Cocaine Is Still Prevalent In IllinoisCocaine is another drug that used to have a lot more power behind its name but now, because of the opioid problems that Illinois and the rest of the world are facing, it has slipped from the public conversation. However cocaine is just as prevalent as it ever was before and is often even used in conjunction with opioids such as heroin and  fentanyl.


Recovery Treatment

  • A Tiered Approach to Addiction Recovery Treatment in Illinois – The best Illinois addiction treatment centers will create treatment plans that will always offer a tiered form of treatment. This type of treatment is made up of a few different steps of care such as detox, rehab, and relapse prevention aftercare.
  • Illinois Detoxification – After taking the very brave steps of admitting to oneself that they have an addiction and then asking for help, detox is the first step in the tiered addiction recovery  system. In detox someone will allow the toxin they have been injecting to purge from their bodies. They will likely experience some of any number of withdrawal symptoms. Some people try to do this at home, but doing so at a facility will ensure that they do it safely, with licensed medical professionals by their side.
  • Illinois Rehabilitation – After detoxification comes rehabilitation. Rehab almost always includes some type of behavioral therapy along with other types of programs that are designed to instill the necessary life skills and self worth necessary to go back into their everyday lives and not only survive, but actually thrive.
  • Illinois Relapse Prevention – Relapse prevention is care after someone has left the drug or alcohol detox and rehab facility that they were in. It can come in the form of a program through a treatment center, a 12 step program, or any kind of continuing therapy. Relapse prevention is a matter of life or death. Since Drug and Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease, consistent treatment is a life or death kind of need.
  • Choosing a Illinois Treatment Program – Illinois, like so many states in the USA and all over the world, is in need of affordable and readily available comprehensive and individualized treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Preparing for Treatment in Illinois –  Taking steps to admit that someone has a problem and then seeking out treatment is a heroic action for any addict to take. It requires a lot of raw honesty and courage, not to mention some hope and trust. But once that moment has happened and someone has lined up treatment, how do they prepare for actually going to the treatment center and what they will go through there?