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I Relapsed Again: Am I Untreatable?

Not everyone stays sober on their first attempt. Some relapse once or twice along the way, yet still manage to achieve lifelong sobriety after getting back on the horse. Others relapse once and never enter recovery again. Then, there are those who appear prone to chronic relapse. Those who know somebody like this may see them as a lost cause. In fact, addicts who relapse numerous times may even begin to see themselves this way. They think, “I relapsed again and may as well give it up.” Sometimes they think “I relapsed again, but nobody needs to know.” In the back of their mind, they may wonder if addiction treatment will ever truly work for them.

If this describes you, do not lose hope. Make peace with the past by focusing on the brighter future ahead. First, however, identify the mindset that you associate with relapse and how it has affected you. In the process, you might just learn more about your thought processes and why they continue to cause harm in your life.

I Relapsed Again and Should Give Up

Due in part to the lifelong focus of addiction treatment, many assume that even one relapse means complete failure. For many, relapse simply forms one chapter of the journey. Sometimes, it takes a few such chapters before a person finds the internal motivation they need to maintain lifelong sobriety. Despite hearing this many times, knowing all the while that relapse rates can measure as high as 40-60%, many will reach a point at which they doubt their ability to stay sober at all. They feel they should simply give up, that they will never amount to anything and that throwing in the towel is the easiest solution. It may be easy, but it is not a solution. In fact, given the consequences of continuing to use, one may argue that it isn’t even all that easy.

I Relapsed Again and Can’t Tell Anyone

Some people realize that they must get back on their feet after a relapse, yet convince themselves that they must do it alone. They will not let anybody know about their slip, for fear of disappointing the people they care about. Unfortunately, this only makes the problem worse. Those who suffer from addiction and co-occurring disorders already struggle with social functioning. As a result, many have only a narrow support network of people they trust completely. When they convince themselves that they must lie to these people, they all too commonly begin isolating so that they will not have to feel guilty about every dishonest interaction. The guilt and shame build up over time, often leading to yet another relapse.

I Relapsed Again and Need Help

When you are able to admit that you need help after a relapse, you open the door to a brand-new chapter in your recovery. With the help of the people you care about, you can identify what may have been lacking in your recovery program leading up to your last use of drugs or alcohol.

Other people, even those who love us, often see us more objectively than we see ourselves. Any suggestions they might have will be worth taking. This is especially true if you are returning to your addiction treatment center for support. Provided with a strong program of relapse prevention treatment, you can learn what it takes to stay sober.

Relapse Prevention in Addiction Treatment

Aspire Health Network treats many patients who struggle with chronic relapse. Once they look in the mirror and say “I relapsed again and I need help,” they have already done most of the work themselves. You can do the same.

You may strongly consider seeking addiction treatment at a facility such as Muse House, which offers a wide array of treatments and activities in which you may not have participated during your last stretch of recovery. By trying different things, you enable yourself to take a closer look at what works best for you. Meanwhile, your treatment team will help you dive deep into your emotions to determine the underlying thought processes that trigger you the most. Through comprehensive, intensive therapy of this nature, you can figure out what it takes for you to stay sober. It will take effort, but the reward is worth whatever work you must put in.

For more information on relapse prevention at Aspire Health Network, contact us today to speak with someone who can answer any questions you may have. You do not need to let relapse run your life. Take back your freedom, and begin your new chapter today.