Heroin Alaska abuse harms emotional intelligence which increases the risk of relapse.

Heroin Alaska | How Heroin Hurts Your Emotional Intelligence

As a highly addictive opioid drug, heroin Alaska abuse often takes a massive toll on users in virtually every area of life–physical, mental, and certainly emotional. These emotional effects not only impact heroin users themselves, but also those they come into contact with because of the drug’s effects on their emotional intelligence.

The term emotional intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to recognize and manage their own emotions as well as understand and cope with the emotions of others. This generally includes a person’s awareness of their own and others’ emotions, the ability to rein in their own emotions and utilize them effectively to think and problem solve, as well as the ability to calm down or gear up in order to regulate their own emotions and adapt emotionally in different situations.

Emotional Effects of Heroin Alaska

Emotional intelligence is certainly at high risk in heroin users for many reasons. Heroin, like any opiate, works by impacting the naturally occurring opioid receptors in the brain which are responsible for the body’s regulation of pain as well as the reward centers that contribute to addiction. This means that heroin heavily dulls or completely numbs all sensations pain while simultaneously rewarding the brain so that users are quickly addicted. Coupled together, these effects on the brain damage white matter which supports a person’s ability to control and regulate their behavior. Heroin Alaska also throws off the body’s natural hormonal balances, further contributing to such drastic emotional instability.

Heroin abusers often feel euphoric during the high only to be met by a serious emotional crash involving depression, anxiety, paranoia, restlessness, physical pain, and aggression. These symptoms often lead to serious issues in interpersonal relationships as users become consumed by their drug habit. The emotional crashes make them lash out at their loved ones, followed by deep regret and feelings of emptiness.

Emotional Problems in Relapse

Relapse rates for heroin abuse are extremely high as it is such a powerful drug. The extreme emotional instability involved in heroin addiction often drives addicts back to using the drug again and again, which further increases the dramatic highs and lows experienced until the drug has become the person’s very lifeline. Paranoia creeps in, leaving the user feeling defenseless and afraid. At this point, it is likely that the addiction has driven away the user’s close relationships, so isolation can lead to further agony. It is these dramatic highs and lows that make relapse so common for heroin Alaska abusers. Fortunately, there is relapse prevention support available for those ready to fight the battle for sobriety.

Heroin Alaska Treatment

There are many serious consequences of heroin abuse that affect both users and their loved ones. Problems with emotional understanding and regulation often harm interpersonal relationships and leave users feeling alone, even depressed, and unable to cope with the sadness. However, there is help for those who are determined to regain their emotional stability. With ongoing support from compassionate staff and many forms of therapy available, it is possible to overcome a heroin addiction and regain emotional stability.

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