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Can Heroin Users Ever Use Casually?

Alaska Heroin Addiction Statistics

While every state may struggle with heroin Alaska has a particularly bad problem on their hands. According to the State of Alaska Epidemiology, heroin overdose-related deaths have quadrupled from 2009 to 2016. Highlighting the severity of this nationwide crisis, the bulletin reveals Alaska’s overdose death rate was the highest in the country in 2015.

Fortunately, for every problem there is a solution; the spread of awareness and treatment prospects for those suffering from heroin addiction will help aid in the fight against the poison currently flooding the state and taking countless lives. The Alaska State Trooper’s Annual Drug Report of 2016 shows a 140% increased rate of heroin arrests from the seizure of 3 pounds in 2009 to 55 pounds in 2013. From 2014 to 2016 there were a total of 597 heroin-related arrests. The negative consequences of its distribution and use have been addressed and presented to prevent further tragic rise of heroin abuse in Alaska.

Can Heroin Users Ever Use Casually?

Heroin, a derivative of morphine, is a highly addictive substance that releases euphoric sensations in the pleasure centers of the brain and affects how a person perceives pain. With the initial use of heroin, the high the user is exposed to leaves most chasing what they are physically incapable of experiencing again. There is a line that can be walked between casual use and full reliance on the substance, but sadly, this usually only exists at the start of a person’s addiction.

As time passes, the human body and brain build a tolerance for the narcotic which results in a larger quantity required for similar effects to be produced. In most cases, an encounter with heroin begins a relationship between an individual, their reliance on the drug, and the inability to live without it. Once a person experiences this level of dependency, it is highly unlikely that they will even be able to use once without suffering the same cravings and obsession that led to their addiction in the first place.

The Risks of Heroin Addiction: Is It Possible to Stop?

A variety of threats to a person’s well-being are involved when it comes to heroin use. The initial risk of the substance is the physical and mental dependence that is nearly always unavoidable. Damage to an individual’s brain tissue results in impaired judgment, which only serves to worsen the addict’s using habit. With physical addiction to this drug comes withdrawal symptoms: chills, nausea, tremors, profuse sweating, and many more. Heroin poisoning and overdose-related deaths are the more fatal risks involved. On the bright side, while the state may currently struggle with high rates of addiction to heroin Alaska also provides plenty of treatment opportunities.

Heroin Alaska Treatment at Aspire Health Network

It may seem as if there is no way out, as if there is no solution to the heroin crisis that is currently destroying lives everywhere. Aspire Alaska to show you that is far from true, providing the opportunity to recover from heroin addiction and incorporate the tools necessary for a better way of life. Contact us today at (844) 278-2919 for more information on our heroin Alaska treatment services. Whether calling on behalf of a loved one or yourself, you might just be one dial away from saving a life.