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Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

Heroin addiction in the state of Washington often inspires conversation around whether addiction is a disease or a choice. There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding this topic, which sometimes decreases the chance that individuals will seek help and recover.

There are different opinions on the matter and varying schools of thought. Research suggests that treatment changes based on what one believes. It is up to you to decide which school of thought is more helpful.

Believing Addiction Is a Choice

Some people believe addiction is a choice because individuals choose whether or not to take the drug in the first place. This is true, however most experts agree that the choice to take drugs does not undermine the fact that it is a disease. Heroin addiction as seen in Washington is no exception. The reason for this is that individuals have no control over how the drug affects them after making the choice to take it.

Furthermore, the brain changes as drugs are used over time. Due to these changes, people with drug addiction develop dependencies, taking drugs to help them just to feel normal.

It is important to acknowledge the initial choice that is made to use drugs, but this does not change that addiction is regarded as a disease by researchers and experts.

Why Some Deny That Addiction Is a Disease

Some do not like identifying addiction as a disease due to other labeled diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. In truth, other diseases actually point to addiction as a disease in the way that all of them are caused by a combination of behavioral, environmental, and biological factors.

Others do not prefer to identify addiction as a disease due to their belief that it undermines people’s ability to recover. People feel this way because if people blame their addiction on disease, they are less likely to take responsibility and more importantly, to take charge of recovery.

Addiction as a Disease: Another Perspective

On the contrary, perhaps viewing heroin addiction in Washington as a disease is empowering. Identifying addiction as a disease helps recovering individuals and their families see how the addiction took place. And recognizing all the factors involved contributes to a holistic, effective recovery. While some dislike seeing addiction as a disease, the truth is that research shows it can aid in recovery.

Need Help With Heroin Addiction In Washington?

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