group of friends stack hands together to represent supporting each other in the fight to beat heroin addiction in Washington

Why Addicts Need Support

Putting aside the clinical aspect of treatment, addicts and alcoholics reap many benefits from entering treatment for heroin addiction in Washington. Not the least of these benefits is the sheer sense of support they gain from the staff and other patients. In fact, many clients will enter outpatient treatment or remain involved in their treatment center’s alumni program for the sake of the ongoing support they will receive. They will benefit even more if they receive the same level of love and support from family and friends back home.

There are several reasons why addicts need support, whether in treatment or at home. The following are just a few of the most important.

Leaning on Others When in Need

Addicts and alcoholics often suffer from extreme social stigma. Even in addiction recovery, they will encounter other people in the world who do not understand them. This causes them to feel cast out, ostracized by the people they consider normal. It can also challenge their recovery, as many addicts and alcoholics use substances in order to feel like part of a group. Identification with their support network can help them to overcome the challenges of stigma, causing them to feel less isolated.

In fact, emotional troubles in general rank among the top reasons why addicts need support. Without it, they would be forced to navigate life’s difficulties alone. Left to their own devices, it will be all too easy to resort to their former methods of problem-solving.

Positive Reinforcement in Recovery

Another reason why addicts need support is reinforcement. When someone picks up a chip at an AA or NA meeting to represent continuous sobriety, it reinforces the behavior. Praise for doing the right thing makes them want to continue along their path.

Even without chips, the benefits of a supportive recovery network will often reinforce the addict’s recovery. A community assessment inventory shows that household support can mitigate substance use, even while the addict or alcoholic remains in active addiction. Support from a larger community can reduce the likelihood of suffering legal issues or unemployment. With the benefits of support so strong in while still in active heroin addiction in Washington, it goes without saying that positive reinforcement can work even greater miracles in recovery.

Someone to Challenge Their Thinking

As noted above, isolation increases the likelihood that an addict will engage in old behaviors. This does not just mean that they may continue using again, although relapse prevention is still one of the primary reasons why addicts need support. Other behaviors may indirectly lead to relapse, such as rash decision-making or getting romantically involved too quickly. A main reason why addicts need support is simply so that someone else can call them out when they put themselves at risk of acting on poor judgment. People cannot always see themselves objectively, but a caring support network can save them from themselves when necessary.

Support for Beating Heroin Addiction in Washington

When patients enter an Aspire Health Network facility such as Aspire Washington, they immediately become part of a tight support network. More importantly, treatment will help them to establish support on two fronts. First, access to outside meetings will help clients meet others in recovery. Second, family-based models of addiction treatment will strengthen the bonds between addicts and their loved ones at home. Increasing support in these areas will greatly increase their chances of long-term sobriety and a generally happier life.

If you or someone you care about struggles with heroin addiction in Washington, you can find the support you need at Aspire. Simply contact us today at (855) 687-6555 for more information on our programs.