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The Dangers of Codependency

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If you are suffering from heroin addiction in California, you are likely unable to maintain a healthy and normal lifestyle. As a result, you may have entered into a dangerous codependency relationship with someone who is also codependent. Although the codependent believes they are helping you with your heroin addiction in the state of California, they are likely enabling you to more easily obtain and abuse heroin while placing both of your lives in danger.

It is important to identify the signs and symptoms of a codependency relationship for both yourself and the codependent, and to understand the dangers of codependency. It is important for you both to seek professional treatment and break the cycle of codependency that is dangerous to both the addict and codependent.

What Is Codependency?

A codependent individual feels a need to care for someone who is incapable of managing their own life. There are many causes for someone becoming codependent including suffering abuse as a child or having a codependent individual making an impression on them as a role model in their youth.

A codependent person may engage in dangerous and self-destructive behavior in their attempt to help someone, including those suffering from heroin addiction in California. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of being codependent:

  1. Desire to ‘fix’ and ‘please’ others
  2. Difficulty accepting and coping with rejection
  3. The desire to control the lives of others
  4. Difficulty setting boundaries with others
  5. Feelings of guilt
  6. Overblown emotional reactions

Heroin Addiction and Codependency

For those suffering from heroin addiction in California, life as an addict becomes disrupted, chaotic, and difficult to maintain. Here are some of the common disruptions a heroin addict may face and the role a codependent plays in the process:

  1. Loss of driver’s license. A heroin addict may have their license suspended or revoked for driving under the influence. This will require them to need a driver, which may be the codependent person.
  2. Loss of home. A heroin addict may lose their home or apartment due to inability to pay their rent or mortgage, or be evicted due to their criminal activity. This will necessitate them finding a place to stay, likely with the codependent person.
  3. Loss of job. A heroin addict may lose their job due to failing a drug test, missing work, erratic behavior, or poor job performance. This will mean they will need someone to provide money for drugs, food, and other items, which is once again likely to be the codependent person.
  4. Loss of relationships. A heroin addict will often withdraw from society due to lengthy periods of sleep and irregular hours. This isolation will cause them to need someone to confide in, resulting in an unhealthy codependent relationship.

Escaping the Dangers of Codependency

In many cases, the codependent is the best person to convince someone suffering from heroin addiction in California to seek professional help. While the codependent may feel compelled to help the heroin addict by any means necessary including covering up their addiction and providing drugs, it is important that the addict receive professional help and thus end the unhealthy cycle of codependency for both parties involved.

The codependent must find the strength to say “no” to their loved one suffering from heroin addiction. It is important that they guide them to a professional who can help treat their addiction. It is also vital that the codependent person provide loving and caring support while also setting healthy boundaries during the often lengthy and difficult rehab process. This is the only way for both the heroin addict and the codependent to escape the dangerous codependency.

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